Travers Chandler and Avery County

Travers Chandler and Avery County

 Roxboro, North Carolina, USA

Bluegrass. Not that hybrid, genre bending acoustic music, but real hard edged bluegrass..Real songs of heartache, pain and tragedy


Avery County came together after two long time bluegrass sidemen decided that after many years it was time to play the music they wanted. With numerous IBMA awards on their mantles after stints with The James King Band, Danny Paisley and The Southern Grass, The Country Gentlemen Karl Shiflett and the Big Country Show and others, Adam Poindexter and Travers Chandler have come full circle.
Forget the cliches... this is the music that moved with hard-luck Southerners from the hills and hollers of the South to the dirty cities of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast in the middle of the last century. This is when work in the fields and mines was harder to come by than the factories of the city. Once rural Southern folk found themselves crowded around a smokey bar to hear the familiar sounds they once heard on their families' Carolina porches. This is the music of Travers Chandler and Avery County.
With a new album set for release in November on Patuxent Records titles "State of Depression", the band is ready to bring the classic sounds of hard edged bluegrass to new audience.With a show that is as entertaining as it is authentic, the band can go from family bluegrass festival to the college night club circuit with an ease that only seasoned professionals can master.
The soon to be released record titled "State of Depression" features hard-core,obscure material from the likes of Charlie Moore, the Easter Brothers, Charlie Monroe, Ted Lundy and Bob Paisley as well as a pair of tunes from the deep catalogue of hardcore country Honky tonkers Vernon Oxford and Hank Williams Jr. This band is proud to say that this IS your grandfather's bluegrass- hard edged, soulful and lonesome... somewhere between honky tonk heaven and cries from the depth of despair.

Travers Chandler- was born in Richmond VA and grew up in a trailer park, which obviously affected his musical outlook. He started his musical journey as a child, becoming a student of traditional music. His influences were men of little fortune but much musical soul: Charlie Moore, Red Allen, Buzz Busby, Frank Wakefield, Jimmy Martin, Carter Stanley, The Bowes Brothers and Walter Hensley and Dee Gunter. He has become a respected touring sideman ,working for such bands as Karl Shiflett and The Big Country Show, The James King Band, The Bluegrass Brothers, Gary Brewer and The Kentucky Ramblers, The Gillis Brothers and the last year with Rounder Recording Artists Dan Paisley and The Southern Grass, culminating in a 2009 IBMA award for Song of The Year. Travers sings all parts with the band and is best known for being one of the few young mandolinists in bluegrass who plays in the traditional style. Danny Paisley has deemed him the "king of tremolo" while James King called him "one of the best traditional musicians in bluegrass." Travers currently resides in Roxboro NC

Adam Poindexter - was raised in the tobacco fields and musical heritage of the piedmont in Roxboro North Carolina. As a child he would listen endlessly to the recordings of Jimmy Martin, The Country Gentlemen and The Bowes Brothers, a popular regional act of the 1950's. Eventually epanding his horizons musically, he soon became influenced heavily by other musicians such as Ray Charles. As a teenager he became an accomplished guitar and bass player and eventually picked up the banjo. He helped found regional groups Big Sandy and New Classic Grass before moving into what would become the pivotal role in his career; banjo player and vocalist in the up and coming James King Band. There he would spend over 10 years winning much acclaim as a harmony singer and banjoist winning an IBMA award in the process. He recorded several albums with King including "Thirty Years of Farming" and "Bed by the Window". After over a decade with King, Adam moved onto a partnership with Lynwood Lunsford in The Misty Valley Boys, then onto Randy Waller and The Country Gentlemen before forming Avery County with Travers Chandler in 2009. "Poindexter", as he is known by friends continues to reside in Roxboro NC.

Eddie Gill- Began playing music seriously in the shadow of his father Hermon Gill who was a legendary Reno style banjo player. When he was twenty years old Eddie began to find his voice, winning trophy after trophy on the contest circuit with his amazing singing. He played for many years in his band the Grassmasters before moving on to The Misty Valley Boys, and now Avery County, where he is a founding member. Eddie was born with a voice that can shatter glass at one moment and relay tragedy in soft whispers, often drawing comparisons to Bobby Osborne. His rhythm guitar is strong in the old school style of players like Red Allen, and he counts Red Smiley as the major infulence on his guitar playing. Eddie was raised in Chase City VA and now makes his home in Roxboro NC.

Jessica Smith- was raised in the small West Texas farming community of Shallowater. Growing up in a family of traditional Christian Harmony


2005: "Me and the Jukebox"

2010: "State of Depression"
Patuxent Records

Set List

Hardcore traditional and original bluegrass...

Songs such as:

State of Depression
Stoned at the Jukebox
Mothers Prayers
Little Blossom
Me and the Jukebox
Gone and Left Me Blues
99 Years
Poor Rebel Soldier
Black Dust Fever
May You Never Be Alone Like Me... and many, many more!!!