Avery Island

Avery Island

 Port Perry, Ontario, CAN


NXNE, CMW, Indie Week, TIMA's, FAM FEST ...

With Metric’s introspection, Neutral Milk Hotel’s catchy melodies, and Mother Mother’s fearlessness, Avery Island is a band with their kick on the pulse of a new and dynamic music scene.



Led by equally commanding and cooing Lauren Heenan, Avery Island make Land of Talk style indie over jerky new wave punk rhythms and their just released first set of demos have been met with much praise. Now Magazine.

Together, these four have undeniable chemistry and a beautiful sound that just cannot be ignored. Their brilliant mixes of rhythm, melodies and hooks have mesmerized audiences across the GTA for the past 12 months - and the fun has just begun! - Canadian Music Week.

"Avery Island are a treasure that a music fan ought to seek out. Highly recommended." - Amber Waves

Picture blunt hints of Emily Haines meshed with rock pockets and shrieks of Vancouvers Mother Mother and you start to understand this bands flair. Kathryn Kyte (www.torontonews24.com).

I found myself mesmerized by Avery Islands live performance, their playful use of synthwas brilliant. Will McGuirk (www.newsdurhamregion.com).

Avery Islands notoriety is a result of their remarkable live show and unyielding determination. The band hit the road in 2010 with 75 self-booked gigs and quickly became indie darlings of the Ontario circuit. Avery Island has showcased at a diverse array of festivals and events including: NXNE, CMW and Indie Week. Within 3 months of the formation of the band, Avery Island achieved the prestigious Toronto Independent Music Award nomination for Best Live Electric, beating out hundreds of acts.

Lauren Heenan (vocals/guitar/synth) delivers each phrase with primal urgency, juxtaposed between melodic and roaring guitar riffs. Her brother Brandon Heenan (guitar/synth) creates beautifully interwoven and complex melodies. Jordan Plishewski (bass/backing vocals) thunders away, and then interposes Laurens vocals with dissonant moments. Mattie Larabie(drums) completes the line-up keeping a steady, spectre-like pace. Avery Island is a multidimensional audioscape.

In early 2011, Canadian film producer Christian Suarez approached Avery Island to contribute a song to the soundtrack of his film A Cry In The Dark. The film is scheduled for submission to the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

With Metrics introspection, Neutral Milk Hotels catchy melodies, and Mother Mothers fearlessness, Avery Island is a band with their kick on the pulse of a new and dynamic music scene.


Lock Me Up

Written By: Lauren and Brandon Heenan

Lock Me Up
Avery Island
Lyrics and Melodies by Lauren and Brandon Heenan

It’s the places you go
When your soul needs hollowing
An the drunken lobotomy
That keeps me from following

From the other side
I hear your voice at night
And wonder
If it’s my name you keep calling

Are you calling me?

It’s the truth that you seek
In yourself just sitting there
And the secrets you keep
Behind your rotted teeth on the electric chair

But when you wake up
It isn’t what you thought
A fate, worse than you had feared
But me may still get out of here


Lead Us To The Otherside


The band’s first album is due for release in the fall of 2012, featuring 6 original tracks recorded by Scott Brown at Glenmore Records in Toronto, Ontario.

Listen to us on
Sirius Channel 86
CHRY 105.5 York University FM Radio
Ben in The Pen - Kingston , Queens Uni Radio

Set List

The First Set Includes;

Bundy (Ted not Al)
Horse Puckie
Grapes Study Me, I Have Seen The Reports
Jive Talking or How I Learned To Speak With My Hips
Rhythm of The Streets
Mystery of The Rosebush (Avery Island Hates The City)
If You Want Me
Lock Me Up

all original material composed and performed by Avery Island