Avery plays a combination of indie and alternative that draws influence from Radiohead, Modest Mouse, and Miles Davis. While we take our music and songwriting very seriously we always keep a fun loving attitude. Dancing, singing, and high spirits are strongly encouraged during listening.


Born in 2004 as a five piece out of Maddy's Barbeque in Decatur GA Avery began by playing together as part of Chicago Joe Jones Thursday night blues jam. While playing at Maddy's Avery got a chance to build a minor fan base and develop their own sound.

After a year at Maddy's and other Decatur events Avery moved on to their first of many gigs at Atlanta's "The Masquerade." At about this time Avery released the "Full Moon" LP, produced by Jay George. A basement recorded collection of Avery's early songwriting. After another year of shows around Decatur and Atlanta Avery went into the studio to record their next full length. In 2006 "Ciao Beep Beep Rides Again" was released, and produced by Nick Tennies.

Avery's next show was at the Academy Theatre in Decatur. This show was recorded and released as Avery's only live recording. "Avery, Live at the Academy!," was hailed by some critics as better than "Ciao Beep Beep Rides Again."

In the fall of 2006 Avery won a Decatur Battle of the Bands Competition. The prize was a free full day of recording at Nickel and Dime Studios. Avery used their winnings to record the "Salutations" single which was released in the spring of 2007. The recording featured the hit title track "Salutations" and the followup track "This Song is Cryopak Protected."

With the loss of their second guitarist in fall of 2007 Avery has reconstructed themselves and has prepared a new set that is club and studio ready.


Full Moon LP
1. Sick Child
2. Sucking at Something Your Good At
3. She
4. Chocolate
5. A Million Zeros Down
6. I Am the Ocean
7. Session 1
8. Hearts of Fire

Ciao Beep Beep Rides Again
1. Chocolate
2. Lava Snail
3. Hearts of Fire
4. Of Men and Matchsticks
5. I Am the Ocean
6. No Frankie No
7. A Million Zeros Down
8. Sick Child

Live at the Academy!
1. Intro
2. It's Good to be the Fire Chief
3. Welcome
4. Of Men and Matchsticks
5. Salutations
6. Hearts of Fire
7. No Frankie No!
8. B. F. S. L.
9. Lava Snail
10. November in Red
11. Chanting
12. She
13. Sick Child

Salutations (Single)
1. Salutations
2. This Song is Cryopak Protected