Helsinki, Central Finland, FIN

Aves uses tropical tones to paint reveries, moments of astonishment, and the mercurial border that separates dream from reality. The sparkling textures, compassionate melodies, and vibrant visions twine together into an elevated, mystical presence.


The music of Helsinki based Aves has been described as dream pop with psychedelic influences, but foremost they are a band that stands out thanks to their compelling songwriting. In addition to the distinctive production and fresh sound scapes the songs are great examples of strong compositions and effective arrangements, which in turn have been praised by their fans, music and fashion blogs, and music industry professionals, despite their short career.

Aves released their anticipated debut album, entitled 'Sun Sky a Floating', in Finland and Germany on July 4th 2013. The band has already gained worldwide attention with their previous singles. They will be featured on the album as remastered versions.

'Sun Sky a Floating' is a concept album that deals with the delicate relationship between body and mind, and presents an exceptionally mature and diverse group of artists. The band formed by Eino Anttila, Antti Ojala and Joonas Hakava is comprised of more than just sound. The group's vision ranges from the original sound of their music to a strong visual identity, and covers everything from their praised live performances to the cover art of their releases and their music videos.

Radio stations have also shown interest with the 'Elise' single receiving notable play time in both local stations and the national YleX channel in their 'Best Right Now' category. The fact that they already performed not only in their home country, but also in Germany and Sweden without an official release in either country is a good indicator of their magnetic pull and potential.


'Elise', single 2012.
'You, Lucid', singe 2012.
'Sunkissed', single 2013.

'Sun Sky a Floating', album 2013.

Set List

1. The Shore
2. If May Starts Tomorrow
3. Snow
4. They Won’t Come Back
5. Through The Calm
6. Persuader
7. All Worked Out

The set length is usually around 45-60 minutes, with no cover songs.