AVH music is sonic/folk/rock meets velvet underground/beachboys/beatles/pavement. Songs are short and sweet with unforgettable melodies and harmonies.


AVH is Andrew Van Huyse. AVH and his longtime friend Damon Richardson (Change Of Heart, Hayden, Danko Jones) recorded a fulll length LP at the Aural Design Research Centre in Toronto 2008 with Bernard Maiezza engineering and mixing. Since then AVH and his Colour Team have been playing shows around the GTA. Mostly in Kensington where the venues are small and gigs easier to get. They have played with Invasions, Sarah Burton, Runaway Catholics. AVH plays sometimes solo, sometimes as a 3 piece with guitar, drums, keys; sometimes just drums and guitar.


AVH LP. Released in 2008 independently. Have sold copies at shows mostly. Music and some videos of live shows can be seen and heard on myspace, facebook and cbcradio3 sites.



Set List

Day By Day 3:10
Spring Training 3:14
Sole Survivors 3:32
Hard To Get 2:57
On again Off again
I'll Be Back Tomorrow

Usually about 30-45min long.

No covers. All originals