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Alas sobre el Mundo DRO-010 1982
Sintesis: La Produccion al Poder (box set with 2LPs, 7", book) DRO-055 Dec. 1983
Tesis (from the Sintesis box) DRO-054 Dec. 1983
Cromosomas Salvajes DRO 4D-100 Feb. 1985
Ciudadanos del Imperio DRO 4D-234 1986
Ingravidez DRO 4D-357 Apr. 1988
Heroes de los 80 (compilation, includes an unreleased early version of 'Chica de Plexiglás' recorded in 1979 at RNE)
DRO 4D-0777 1990
Trance La Fabrica Magnetica, 916FM35 Oct. 1991

Heroes de los 80 (compilation) DRO ?D-0777 1990
Trance La Fabrica Magnetica 9110FM35 Oct. 1991
Sintesis: La Produccion al Poder (2CD set + 2 booklets) La Fabrica Magnetica 9110FM42 1991
Primer Aliento (w. all the tracks from 'Nuclear Si' 7", 'Programa en Espiral' 12" and 'Alas sobre el Mundo' LP) La Fabrica Magnetica 9210FM44 1992
Cyberiada (live 1994) Lollipop LOL CD 085 Jul. 1997
Materia Oscura Lollipop LOL CD 099 28 Feb 1998
Sintesis: La Produccion al Poder (2CD set w. 2 quicktime videos + 28 page booklet) Lollipop 108 102-4 Dec 1998
Opera Cientifica (2CD set: cell 1: compilation 1979-1994, cell 2: 6 new compositions + 8 new reworkings) Rompeolas 004 Mar 1999
Vano Temporal (First recordings 1979-1980) Lollipop CDR021
Mecanisburgo (2CD: 1 CD audio + 1 CD-ROM) Cosmos COSCD020 Mar
Todos sus Singles y EPs 1982-1998 (2CD) Ventura VE-CS-0156-2
Confia en tus Maquinas Subterfuge 21351CD 2004
Nuclear Siempre NKCD055FCD 022/AT-005 2005
Electrico Omegapoint Records 7721510996 2006
Candidato Futurista Subterfuge 16614 CD 2007
Yo, Cyborg. Pias 2009

CD singles
Palida / Interzona / Ella Perdio el Control (EP, promo, given away free at concerts in May 1994) La Fabrica Magnetica 94P11FM64 May 1994
Nestor el Cyborg / La Modelo / 22 Senderos / Base Lunar (Nestor, Modelo: from Cyberiada) Lollipop LOL MX 087 Sep 1997
Amor Industrial (promo) Rompeolas 1999
Radiante (promo) Rompeolas 1999
Inteligencia Artificial/ Ascensor Orbital
Cosmos COSCDS021 2001
Ultimatum a la Tierra ( Gort/ Drama cuantico/ Nihilista/ Aviador Dro, Digame?) Subterfuge 21333CDSG 2004
Aracne (promo) Subterfuge 2004

7" singles
La Chica de Plexiglas/Laser Movieplay 02.2375/2 1980
La Vision/HAL 9000 Movieplay 02.2375/2 1981
'Nuclear Si' EP: Sintonia del Refugio Atomico / Nuclear Si / El Retorno de Godzilla / Varsovia en Llamas DRO-001 1982
'Preterito Perfecto' EP: Rusos S.A. / Anarquia en el Planeta / El Intruso (promo, given away free at a DRO party; ltd. numbered edition; 2500 copies) DRO-035 May 1983
Amor Industrial / Amor Industrial (instrumental) DRO-041 Sep. 1983
Baila la Guerra / La Interferencia DRO-057 Dec. 1983
El Color de Tus Ojos al Bailar / Tejidos (promo) Neon Danza 1N-004 Jan. 1985
Himno Aereo / Aterriza en Mi (promo) DRO 1D-110 1985
La Ciudad en Movimiento / Cromosomas Salvajes (promo) DRO 1D-121 1985
La Unica Solucion es la Venganza / Nunca Puedo Decir No (promo) DRO 1D-233 1986
Voy a Despegar / Histeria Colectiva (promo) DRO 1D-251 1987
Corazon Artificial / El Progreso es para Quien lo Merece (promo) DRO 1D-353 1988
Picnic en Formalhaut (remix) / Dragon (promo) DRO 1D-399 1988
Vivir para Morir / Patrullando (promo) La Fabrica Magnetica 91PFM35A Oct. 1991
Radiactivo Tour in Deutschland (Triunvirus/ Aviador Dro, Digame?) Metawave MWP-004 2003

12" maxisingles
Programa en Espiral / La Persecucion / Telepatia / El Ultimo Asalto a la Bastilla DRO-007 1982
Selector de Frecuencias / Selector de Frecuencias (instrumental) DRO-020 1982
Amor Industrial / Arquitecto Acero / Envasados al Vacío DRO-040 Sep. 1983
La Chica de Plexiglas / Vano Temporal / Gestalt / La Vision / HAL 9000 / Laser Movieplay 05.2375/5 1983
Vortex (remix) / Sintesis (long version) DRO-074 1984
El Color de Tus Ojos al Bailar (long version) / Tejidos / El Color (single) Neon Danza 2N-003 Jan. 1985
Himno Aereo / Autoduelo (remix) DRO 2D-112 1985
Corazon Artificial / Juramento de Fidelidad DRO 2D-353 Mar. 1988
Vivir para Morir /Selector de Frecuencias 91 (instrumental) / Hypercarga La Fabrica Magnetica 913FM35 Oct. 1991
Alter Ego / Trance (version 2.2) / Trance (version Warp) La Fabrica Magnetica 923FM45 1992
La TV es Nutritiva: Club Mutant mix / Hard Club mix / Vocal mix Fonomusic/Dee-Jay 043655 1994

LP Navidades Radioactivas compilation of Xmas songs; 'El Nacimiento de la Industria' + tracks by other artists DRO-017 Dec. 1982
7" + fanzine Fanzisingle 'Diario Pop' + 2 tracks by other artists DRO FS-1283 Dec. 1983
LP Maquetas compilation of unreleased demo tracks from early 80s; 'No Tengo Boca' + tracks by other artists MR/Ariola ME 205 120 1983
cassette Intonarumore given away free to 'Club de Mutantes' members DRO Dec. 1985
12" Abrrr! with Mar Otra Vez DRO/CIA 2CIA-003 Jun. 1986
LP El Pecado Original compilation of unreleased demo tracks from early 80s; 'Rosemary', recorded in 1979, 'Hazme Tu Androide' + tracks by other artists
DRO 4D-200 1986
7" Aleacion EP, 'La Unica Solucion es la Venganza' (live) +




Since 1977, BIOVAC N (Servando Carballar), SYNCROTRON, PLACA TUMBLER, DERFLEX TIPO IARR, and FOX CYCLOIDE performed literary fanzines in their Santamarca high school (Madrid). SINCROTRON and BIOVAC are fascinated by the early twentieth-century Avant-Gardes: Dada, Surrealism and Futurism. BIOVAC N and FOX CYCLOIDE with other friends form ALEX Y LOS DRUGOS, inspired by punk bands that proliferate in the underground music scene.
The operations centre is moved to the Libertarian "Ateneo de Mantuano" (a squatted building) where they keep two premises, one for their magazines and one for rehearsing.

In 1979 Biovac N and SINCROTRON form HOLOPLASTICO and put an ad looking for new members interested in electronic groups: Kraftwerk, Devo, Ultravox and German rock bands like LA DUSSELDORF or NEU: 32 32 and MULTIPLEXOR answer. Together they "ASSIMILATE THE MEANING OF THEIR SYSTEMATIZED LIFE". PLACA TUMBLER, DERFLEX TIPO IARR and HOMBRE DINAMO join them. "EL AVIADOR DRO Y SUS OBREROS ESPECIALIZADOS (AVIATOR DRO AND HIS SPECIALIZED WORKERS)" is born. They take the name from an opera of the futurist musician Francesco Balilla Pratella. Their first rehearsals and performances are held in the Libertarian Ateneo (Prosperidad district).
Biovac coins the term "Techno-Pop" to define his music. It is the first time that term is used in the world. In 1979 the technology and its consequences are considered negative. People are afraid of EL AVIADOR DRO.
El Aviador Dro, supported by XABIER MORENO and JESUS ORDOVAS, records in Radio3 (RNE, National Radio) its first demos and interviews.

In 1980 El Aviador Dro participates in the 1st Provincial Competition where it wins a disc recording. The 7" "La Chica de Plexiglas" and the 2nd 7" "La Vision" were published by Movieplay. During recording the original team breaks. SINCROTRON, 32 32 and MULTIPLEXOR, leave and form ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO.
BIOVAC, PLACA TUMBLER and DERFLEX called the singer of "ALEX Y LOS DRUGOS", FOX CYCLOIDE. They were joined by METALINA 2 and CTA 102 to consummate the "aesthetic violence" (the live show) including sprays, plastic bags, electrical appliances. EQUIS joins them as guitarist.

In 1981 they recorded an LP. Jesus N. Gomez records it in his studio Doublewtronics and allows them to pay in monthly instalments. Payments take more than a year. No company is interested on releasing it.

In 1982 the band founded D.R.O. (DISCOS RADIOACTIVOS ORGANIZADOS, Radioactive Organized Records) to edit their own albums: the recording made the year before is released in their EP "NUCLEAR SI (Nuclear Yes) ", 12" EP " PROGRAMA EN ESPIRAL (Spiral program) "and LP " ALAS SOBRE EL MUNDO (Wings over the world) " ARCOIRIS (Marta Cervera), member of LOS INICIADOS, joins the band. Thanks to the initial success they are able to release records of Siniestro Total, Glutamate Ye-Ye, Gabinete Caligari, Loquillo, los Nikis, Nacha Pop, Decibelios, Alphaville and many others. DRO becomes the most important independent company in Spain and the SPECIALIZED WORKERS maintain its machinery. After the summer they recorded a version of "Selector de Frecuencias (Frequency Selector)" produced by Julian Ruiz, which becomes their first real success in radio and sales.

In 1983 they edit the 12" "Amor Industrial (Industrial Love)" produced by Julian Ruiz, and the Double LP "SINTESIS (Synthesis)", produced by Jesus Gomez. The latter is a concept album. It comes in a box with a booklet of manifests ("Synthesis of Dynamic Revolution"), a "commercial" LP ("Thesis"), an "experimental" LP ("Antithesis"), and a single ("Synthesis") , which contains the song of the same name which mixes the two different versions included in the LPs.
1983-1984 is the most active period in terms of live concerts. El Aviador Dro performs throughout Spain and their ROM (Red Organizada de Mutantes -Organized Mutant Web-, Fans addicted to the future who they exchange information with) grows day by day.

In 1985 Aviador released the LP "CROMOSOMAS SALVAJES (Wild Chromosomes) ". DRO becomes a phenomenon of the Spanish Records Industry. Its turnover collapses Workers capacity and ultimately destroys the 2nd team. FOX CYCLOIDE and DERFLEX TIPO IARR leave. BIOVAC becomes the new Voice of the band (he had already sung in Selector de Frecuencias, Baila la Guerra, Cita en el Asteroide and others).

In 1986 the band released the LP "CIUDADANOS DEL IMPERIO (Citizens of the Empire)".
To support live concerts enter: REP (member of Alphaville) and LASER 2.000 (DERFLEX’ s brother). They perform concerts with Stranglers and David Bowie.

In 1988 they edited the LP "INGRAVIDEZ (Weightlessness)". BIOVAC and ARCOIRIS leave DRO due to its excessive growth and the difference in objectives with their partners. The 3rd team of workers disintegrates as a result of this departure: EQUIS, LASER 2.000 and PLACA TUMBLER leave. GENOCYBER F15 (Mario Gil, from PARAISO and LA MODE) signs in.