A Viberatto

A Viberatto

 Stone Ridge, New York, USA
BandAlternativeNew Age

"Kings of this yet unnamed Genre."

Beautiful, Simple, Cinematic Instrumental music. Featuring Vibraphone, Bells, Cello, Accordion, Guitar, Piano, Synth, and Organ.

Perfect music for films and videos.

Performs as a quartet live.


A Viberatto is getting ready to release their follow-up EP to their 2 studio CD's, to be entitled "HappY" and will be performing shows in fall 2013 with the new band assembled for the latest recording. The new EP joins the unique style of A Viberatto's cinematic, simplistic style. Their previous 2 full length albums titled "A" and "B" were released by King of Beasts Records, available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc., distributed by The Orchard Music Group.

A Viberatto has a completely original sounding group of cello, guitar, keyboards and vibraphone, plus a bit of a whole lot of other instruments.

Live the group consists of :

Jimmy Goodman : Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Woodrow.
Guthrie Lord : Guitar, Bass, a guitar/bass combination, Glockenspiel, Woodrow.
Ross Rice : Electric Keyboards, Bass.
Aaron Cush: Cello

A Viberatto has received both local and national acclaim. One review by David Malachowski (Kingston Daily Freeman) called the music “Stunning” “Completely original” Malachowski went on to say "No one can accuse Goodman of copying, borrowing or being derivative here, he is pioneering his own territory here, and is the undisputed king of this yet unnamed genre."

Peter Aaron stated the music was a “gorgeous whirlpool” in his review (Roll Magazine)

The A Viberatto tune “East” was featured on the NPR Podcasts “All Songs Considered - Second Stage” on 7/26/10. NPR stated “Beautiful Instrumental music with a touch of whimsy and a lot of heart.”


A Viberatto: A
King of Beasts Records
Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/id374813411

A Viberatto: B
King of Beasts Records