A Vicious Lullaby

A Vicious Lullaby


Our sound is unique and each member has a wide spectrum of influences. Our primary goal when performing is to make the audience dance, then connect to our music. We play whole heartedly and never stop improving our band.


"A Vicious Lullaby was formed in the fall of 2010. The boys quickly cut their teeth playing house parties and open mic's.. in January of 2011 AVL recorded their first demo, they used this to start playing local clubs and festivals where they were received quite well... AVL slowly gained fans from headlining gigs around ontario, winning battle of the bands at the Velvet Underground in Toronto and playing showcases and festivals with international acts.
Despite their age, AVL and their off-kilter songs have been gaining uncompromising momentum over the past few years. The Band recently did an interview for their self-titled release.


A Vicious Lullaby are currently planning a new E.P mainly focusing on "party" rock. You can hear demo's of Crawlin' and Red Moon here on our EPK.


Emancipated Incantations DeMo . Feb, 2011
A Vicious Lullaby LP . Aug, 2012

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