Avid Addiction

Avid Addiction


Avid Addiction's music is multi layered with guitars, bass runs, drum fills, and lyrics to keep the music full and energetic making people that listen to it have the urge to jump up out of their seat, throw their hands in the air and absorb the energy put off by Avid Addiction's presence.


Avid Addiction is composed of four guys from east Tennessee with a passion for creating highly energetic, hard rock original music. With a wide range of influences from 80's and 90's rock and metal such as Metallica, Motley Crue, Iron Maiden, and Ozzy to name a few to modern day influences such as Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, and Godsmack, Avid Addiction's music is greatly influenced from a wide angle of sources. This wide range of influences gives Avid Addiction's music the fast energetic twist with fast melodic guitar solos, screams and harmonizing back-up vocals, double kicked drum beats, music filling bass lines and an overall rhythmic groove that keeps crowds in East Tennesse coming back for more. Avid Addiction currently plays several clubs in East Tennesse and Southwest Virginia regularly. A few of these clubs are Phil's Place, Woodstone Deli, Poor Richard's and The 5 O'clock. As Avid Addiction continues to move outward we thank you for your continued support of our journey.


Giving Everything To You
Change Your Fate

Set List

1 Reality
2 Change Your Fate
3 Giving Everything To You
4 Sacrifice
5 Memories
6 This Life
7 What To Do
8 Agony
9 Everything I Am
10 Nothing New
11 Why Am I
12 Hey You
13 The Day We Die

1 The Bleeding * Five Finger Death Punch
2 I Don't Wanna Stop * Ozzy Osbourne
3 Keep Away * Godsmack
4 Ten Ton Brick * Hurt
5 Welcome Home Sanitarium * Metallica
6 Fear Of The Dark * Iron Maiden
7 Another Hero Lost * Shadows Fall
8 Inside The Fire * Disturbed
9 If I Die Tomorrow * Motley Crue
10 Hell Yeah * Rev Theory
11 Bat Country * Avenged Sevenfold
12 Indestructible * Disturbed
13 Speak * Godsmack
14 Never Enough * Five Finger Death Punch
15 Slave To The Grind * Skidrow
16 Enemy * Drowning Pool
17 Wasted Years * Iron Maiden
18 Made Of Scars * Stone Sour
19 White Knuckles * Five Finger Death Punch
20 Never Too Late * Three Days Grace
21 Crazy Train * Ozzy Osbourne
22 Forever * Papa Roach
23 Kickstart My Heart