Avid is a three-piece modern rock band with catchy, memorable songs fronted by melodic vocals, edgy guitars, rolling bass lines, and thumpin' drums.


Avid is a three-piece modern rock band from Eugene, Oregon that was conceived in the heart of the late 90's. With elements of alternative, to pop-punk and hard rock, the band always stays fresh with new and innovative ideas, ranking them top-notch in their own league. Their songs have catchy melodies and hooks, as they cater to a constantly growing fan-base. It all started when Neriah (singer-songwriter/ guitar player) got tired of swapping out band mates to non-music related prioritys, changing band names, and dividing the rights to songs, and decided to form a group of die- hard 'Avidians'. This meant scanning the horizon to all measures to eventually find the ultimate excuse for a non-slacking (somewhat), hyperactive (unstrung), handsome, witty bass player known today as Mr. Eric Dombrosky.
Mr. "E" was chosen ..1 out of a group of Eugene's only four bass players lounging in limboland. The next task was to complete the picture by scouting out the premises (even beyond our binding boundaries) only to find what mere, mortal martyrs would call- a man among men, a knight among knights, a king among kings- Sir Blake Nell, who was son of a son of a... anyway- the guy could play drums. So it was inevitable that this newfound flock of fellas would become what we call, ehem- (drumroll...) Avid the band. Avid got signed to Jetspeed Records in 2003 for a multiple record deal. They scheduled some time to record their debut c.d., "Altered States" at a studio chosen by the record label known as,"Mastergroove Studios" in North Hills, CA., where artists such as Weezer, R.E.M., and Alice In Chains recorded some of their fine tunes that we know today. Lucky break- they thought, but that's not all... three months later, the band was contacted and notified by phone that one of their songs was chosen to be aired on a national television show- Spike T.V.'s, "10 Things Every Guy Should Experience". So a publishing deal was signed, beaded sweat was wiped off, and they've since received glares and cheers from local competitors alike. Avid believes that it is not at all in the fame and glory where the good vibe comes in. "We just love rockin' with our friends." says Neriah. "There is nothing like playing in a quaint environment where you can still see the pearly-whites of the people in the back row.". But Avid's music has been performed in groups of over a thousand, while warming up the stage for national acts such as the U.K. Subs, the Wailers, the Fabulous Thunderbirds, (80's superband) Quiet Riot, and others. It is now the band's purpose to continue to write, record, rehearse and perform good music, while maintaining a friendly, professional, cool attitude. Avid's 2nd release, "Other Side of the Story" is expected to be released by Spring 2006.


Avid's debut release, "Altered States"
Avid's single, "It's All Wrong
Avid's streaming live performance broadcast at http://www.crowchow.com
various tracks at;

Avid's song, "By the Wayside" was placed on national television's Spike TV/ 2004 NBA Finals

Set List

Avid's typical set lists generally consist of 12 to 17 songs, depending on set time (average- 45 min. to 1 1/2 hrs. All original sets, occasional remake for fun, rotating sets of over 60 songs.
Here is one of our sets;

1. Intro
2. Are You There?
3. You're Not Alone
4. Weave (What a Tangled Web)
5. My Evil Twin
6. No Matter
7. Break Free
8. Chemical Breakdown
9. Always Something
10. Lemmeout
11. It's All Wrong
12. In Control
13. It's Not All Good
14. Ode to You