Avi Granite:6

Avi Granite:6


A modern sextet performing original, improvisation focussed jazz. Twisting melodies offset by undulating rhythms and interplay. Stylistically diverse including influences from film music, avant garde, jazz aesthetics, the Mediterranean and more. Latest CD on Downbeat Magazines top CDs of 2008!


The “Avi Granite:6” is a neo-jazz group out of Toronto who have been carving out their sound and music language for the past few years. A highly improvised group concept pervades their music, the layering of groove and metric indulgences are ever present. The group consists of young, upcoming players on the Toronto scene. A horn section of two saxes and a trombone is offset by a rhythm section of electric guitar, upright bass and drums. The “AG:6” explore and combine many elements from far reaching places. There is an evident influence of the Avant-Garde in jazz as well as thematic concepts reminiscent of film music, traces of tribal elements can also be found - the title of the new CD “Red Tree” is derived from the image of embrace that it fosters. All the tunes are penned by Avi Granite, a one time “pots and pans” genius turned improvising restructuralist composer, guitarist and producer whose sense of melody is slightly twisted and whose concept of groove is uniquely penetrating.

The group toured Canada(including a performance a the Montreal Jazz Festival), Switzerland and Denmark in the past year and will be visiting more European cities in the year to come.


Avi Granite:6 "Red Tree" (Pet Mantis Records 2007)
Avi Granite:5 (Pet Mantis Records 2006)

Set List

All original works.
usually 2 sets, each an hour in length