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Commanded by recording artist José Mrochek artistically known as ‘Joti’ who met with multi-GRAMMY® award winning producer Sebastián Krys, to produce this album in Los Angeles.
After hundreds of songs and many years of fighting against all odds to be a rock musician, he can finally fulfill his dream of going to Hollywood and recording in the historic "Ocean Way" studio. That’s where high-caliber musicians were invited to sessions in which they created this album, with artists such as: Pete Thomas (Elvis Costello’s drummer), Dave Levita (Alanis Morrissette’s guitarist), John Falcone (Shakira’s session bassist) and the great keyboardist Roger Manning Jr. from Jellyfish. All of these incredible musicians collaborated in making sure this album had a both organic and grand sound to it.
All songs in “California” were written by Joti, with lyrics created along with other musicians such as GRAMMY® nominated recording artist Vega and double GRAMMY® winner Elsten Torres, from Miami, and with his great friend and producer, Cristian “Cacho” Romero.
The vocal productions were on charge of the Colombian producer Andrés Saavedra in Miami at studio Jet Wash owned by musician and producer Tommy Torres.
The single “Desde Cero” (From Zero) was composed by Joti and Vega. The collaboration between these two artists arose thanks to Sebastián, a producer who had previously worked on various Vega albums and who believed that the pairing and its result would be great. From that, an amazing song was born, along with its video, directed by Ariel Annexy in Puerto Rico.
An artist born in Cochabamba, Bolivia and always attracted by music as a child, José Mrochek (Joti) started playing mostly classical songs on the piano at age 11.
At age 15, Joti had an idea, one that gave his musical life a new twist. His oldest brother gave him the musical scores of ‘The Wall’ by Pink Floyd and asked him to play them on the piano. It was at that moment that Joti discovered that he wanted to write songs forever. Right then and there, he decided to form his first rock group, with several more to follow, until finally be “Avionica” was created, the current name of his solo project.
After finishing high school and seeing that the rock industry in Bolivia was not very favorable, Joti decided to move to Orlando, FL, to pursue a career as a recording engineer at Fullsail University. Upon graduation, he was accepted as an assistant at the famous "Crescent Moon" studios belonging to Emilio and Gloria Estefan in Miami.