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A Vital Message

Orlando, Florida, United States | INDIE

Orlando, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Metal Alternative


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We’re all big fans of musicians and artists that have made the big time. Somewhere down the line, they started small, and they had limited resources for getting their music out there. All in all, they were small time, but big in their hometown. Orlando happens to be one of the biggest places for local musicians to come into the spotlight. One of them, A Vital Message, is thriving through their own unique Orlando sound.

Pouring from the progressive Orlando rock scene is A Vital Message. The band, a pack of wild ace musicians with their own sound, bring marvel to audiences who crowd into a Friday night venue to visit them. Rocking the sound with various styles that range from hard-hitting riffs, catchy melodies and cool vocals votes A Vital Message up through the soundboards in Orlando.

Recently, the band just released their first EP, Don’t Call It A Comeback which is anything but a rehash of covers and old recordings. The EP translates the best of A Vital Message into growing rock band that is guaranteed to transcend the music industry. They have shared the stage with bands like Aloma and Sidereal Pulse.

You can find out more about the band by visiting their Facebook page, or checking them out Reverbnation.com. Also, search for local concerts through the band’s MySpace page. - lbreslin

Kickstarter band straight into the skies!
As there are nearly too many bands around, playing Metalcore or Post-Hardcore, many bands sound similar or even same. A Vital Message are a band that truly sound different.
They worked pretty hard on this first EP.
An original sound is definitely there, also pretty catchy riffing.
Starting on the vocals, these guys bring out a clean voice that is really memorizing.
Especially the chorus part in the third song entitled "Who You Are".
The guitar work is pretty technical, yet they kept it sounding like simple riffing.
Typical chord strums and breakdowns keep the rhythm through all tracks. Sophisticating short sweeps and other tricky guitar parts in the songs, make this short yet effective EP a total earcatcher.
Melodies during choruses and breakdowns as usual for the genre bring some variety also.

My conclusion, definitely worth at least being checked out. If you are into that genre, you will totally dig this stuff! For a newcomer bands these guys have put a lot of time into this and the result can really be shown to the people out there! Such a great effort. Be nice and check these guys out and show some love!
I recommend checking out their song "Who You Are", because it's addictive! At my first listen to the chorus i got stoked, whats behind all their other songs. I really like these guys and finally there is another band sounding different, but also leaning to the scene, so everyone can enjoy their efforts!

Thanks a lot for your attention guys!

Hendrik. ? - Hendrik


Don't Call It A Comeback(2010)

Hope In The Midst of Tragedy(2008) (as Within The Fronts Embrace)
Don't Call It A Comeback(2011)
Distances (2011)



AVM started its incarnation as a supergroup of 3 Florida bands in 2010. Mark(Vox/Bass) and Jake(Drums/Vox) had been playing in a band together since early in high school, and looked to take things more seriously once they got into college. Recruiting guitarist Steven Parsons and vocalist Jon Jordan allowed the new bands’ lineup and sound to develop by February 2011. The creative juices and desire to succeed have not faltered since, banging out two EPs and playing whatever shows they can get their hands on to promote and display their product.

In listening to an AVM release, you can expect to hear many things—dynamics, catchy melodies, pounding beats, and emotion, for example. You can hear the myriad of influences and impressions left on each band member in every song. In a few songs, the technical and brutal drum work by Jake Harding brings out the metal connoisseur in him. The sonically appealing and catchy vibes are felt in each song by bassist/vocalist Mark Faroudi’s influences as a more pop punk and hip hop specialist. Jon Jordan and Steven Parsons bring the heat somewhere in between, meshing the influences and ideas into a heavy, but dynamic, fresh, and listenable sound. In all, what can you expect to hear in an AVM release? Limitless potential.

The band believes they have the desire, talent, and endless creativity to change the music scene as the world knows it, and the “message” begins its rounds starting with their 2011 EP, DISTANCES.