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Avi & The Uprising


Gandhi in a 3 minute folk rock ear worm.


A platform for creativity - Avi & The Uprising is a media collaborative that uses songwriting as the central force to awaken heightened sensitivity. With the infectiously hummable 'Wahe guru' - a song about the power of faith and the pulse of Indian philosophy, the Uprising tasted international viral success through the platform of balconytv, garnering 75, 000 hits in a matter of weeks and making it to the Top 60 of balconytv along with the likes of Mumford & Sons, Victor Wooten and The Buzzcocks.

Intimate tales of telepathy, reincarnation and faith find equal footage in their songwriting along with globally relevant socio political themes like political idealism & climate change as well as topical themes from an urban India in tumult like the repressive educational system, rampant corruption and homicide. These ideas are then amplified through riveting theatrical live performances, videos, design, online forums for discussion and online literature.
At the core of the project lie Avi's roots as an urban folk balladeer in the American folk tradition a la Dylan, Lou Reed and Woody Guthrie. The songs are then embellished by a wide range of sessionists handpicked to add to the story perfectly. The sound varies from 60's rock, revivalist folk, Indian classical & Indian folk to opera.

The project is now looking at mobilizing marginalized voices in music like urban Indian street entertainers and tribal communities from across the world. The interactive nature of the project seeks to involve rather than instruct, making a global tribe united by ideas of imagination, freedom and justice. With increasing connection with fans from all over the world, online and at live performances - It's safe to say that the chorus of the Uprising crowd favourite 'love, love, love' is only getting louder.



Written By: Avijit Misra (Avi)

Who says that a piece of paper, gets me what I want?

Who says that a barbed wire fence, tells me what I’m not?

Who says that the seen, heard, spoken is everything there is?

It aint me

It aint you

Who says that some are born to riches, others to rags?

Who says that this profit motive aint just a load of gas?

Who says that we can’t grow food for everyone to eat?

It aint me

It aint you

Who says what is one and hundred, who says what is none?

Who says that a circle aint just a square on the run?

Who says that all that’s added isn’t just subtracted?

It aint you

It aint me

Who says that I need an engine just to walk 5 miles?

Who says that a billion wires make me see the light?

Who says that I store my memories on a plastic chip?

Is it an eye in the sky?

Is it a lullaby?

is it an open field?

Is it a stock exchange?

Is it an ancient book?

it aint me


Written By: Avijit Misra (Avi)


My baby she don’t really watch television,
The show she loves to see is life,
My baby she don’t ever shop on a Sunday,
Knows the beautiful is free.

She gives me love, love, love, sweet love

My baby she don’t really understand them brandings,
Knows that everything is one,
My baby’s grooving to the cricket orchestra,
Loves designs in the sky

She gives me love, love, love, sweet love

My baby she don’t think that saying is believing,
Don’t ever understand them lies,
My baby loves the blood of justice,
Knows two wrongs don’t make a right.

She gives me love, love, love, sweet love

The sky is love,
Why is love,
I am love
You are love

Love, love, love, sweet love.


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