Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Avondale's main goal as a band is simply to celebrate the human connection. They bring personal stories and adventures into their music while trying to connect them to the audiences experiences. They feel that while lives are different, feelings are the same. And that is worth celebrating.


Jacob Glaser- A cincinnati native who grow up in a music filled home. Even since a young age he was intrigued by old time music such as Buddy Holly. Though he enjoys playing music he sees his style as more of a poetry. More then enjoying a song he wishes for the listeners to enjoy the message the song is presenting.

Maria Carrelli- A young, upcoming singer whose relaxing and refreshing voice is one to remember. Her musical talent are harmonies strongly add to the feeling the band tries to convey. She she's Avondale as a way to connect to others in the best way she knows how. Her goal for the band is to be one that is there for their audience. A goal with both Jacob and Maria agreed upon right from day one.

The two came together after being ask to fill in vocals and guitar for another Cincinnati local band. The two instantly clicked and by their second practice that had two songs that have been filmed, put on compilation CDs, put in a documentary, and been on the radio.

This band is definitely one to watch and if you are looking for a band you can believe in look no further.