AvvA is a 4 piece original rock band based in England that was originated in Florida, USA. Their style is unique with catchy hooks and infectious melodies that are guaranteed to have the venues customers singing along.


AvvA is a 4 piece original rock band originating from Florida, USA consisting of Madixx (lead vocals, r. guitar), Dc (lead guitar), Glam (bass, b. vocals) and Vinny (drums, b. vocals).

The band have been through many individual misadventures based off their passion for music and to make original music that appeal to the people. AvvA's intense personalities and musical hooks (expressed in tracks like: "It's Alright" and "Lust Fuels Decay") are proven to encourage audience participation and for the crowd to rock the club even after the last explosive chord has been strum.

Dc is based out of Brazil where he had toured with "Oficina G3" (the largest brazilian gospel rock bands) for 2 years which included events such as the "Rock in Rio". During this concert he in turn discovered GNR and popular rock n roll. He realized that to follow his dream as a rock musician he would have to move away as rock in Brazil was not as popular as it is in North America. In Florida he produced and performed with many artists continuously searching for his ultimate band which eventually led him to meet Madixx.

Madixx spawns from Canada where he has written and performed original music for over 8 years. He met Dc through international classified ads looking for musicians that have the same vision. After realizing their dreams and musical aspirations were similar Dc tried to make the trip to Canada and join Madixx in 2005. The INS declined him which ultimately cost him his entire savings. Madixx countered and flew down to Florida in January 2006.

Through the difficulties of the move they began with very little income. Both being illegal in the USA and dealing with the most unusual situations to live and survive they were still able to tour south USA (Florida, Georgia South and North Caroline, playing more than 35 clubs) and record an 8 song EP. Most of which was recorded on a broken computer and in a single room rehearsal space called the "Black Cave". AvvA's current material and 4 piece group was originally created and formed in April 2006. Lack of money and temptations of many sorts had thrown a detour towards the band in July 2006 and forced a temporary split.

One temptation was an offering for Dc to perform with the American rock band "Lennon" in the summer of 2006 that would open "The route of evil tour" for his heroes "Motley Crue" and "Aerosmith". He was again declined his American Green-Card thus disallowing him to perform with this band. It was the final straw that made the decision to move to Europe. Now after a year of battling the business and observing the various musical scenes AvvA has re-born wiser and with more determination. Madixx has joined Dc in England where it is finally legal for both of them to work and perform!

AvvA have recruited two new UK members Glam and Vinny, on bass and drums respectively, to create their 4 piece rock band.

AvvA are now preparing for their UK tour beginning March 2008 and the four members have already established a bond that seeps deeper than a union of blood. The low end have years of exerience performing together and are proven to match the intensity an AvvA show requires.

Inclusive to the US writings AvvA will be performing new material in 2008. In addition they will have a full length album finished by spring and the steps are being taken to have them heard. AvvA is here to stay and will make your ears blissfully bleed.



Written By: AvvA

"It's alright"
...The walls around me showed reflections of a shook up man
The life I used to have takes seconds to shut me out ...

"My child"
...This "Stage of Life" is performed in an unmarked place
The way i've tried to climb... it left the path I chase
No more can I know just who will meet me at my mark
But I'll keep you watching...
Yeah I'll keep you watching...

"Ain't my everything"
...Enjoy my last cigarrete until it's gone, my guitar on my back I walk alone, it's times like this I'm glad to be alive...

"Wash the blood"
...Wash the blood from your hands, wash the blood from everything,
While, I wash the blood from the land
Watch the blood change everything...

...It's a line you said long time a go, build your forever, live for today...


6 titled EP- "The Black Cave"
Now recording their debut 12 titled album"Cut of the Line"

Set List

Set list
1-Lust fuels decay
2-One ring
3-Straight flush drunk
4-Stand by me (Re-make - Beatles)
5-My child
7-Winter Rose
8-Ain't my Everything
9-Fire Woman (The cult)
10-Green eyes
11-It's alright
12-Whereever I may roam (Metallica)
13-Wash the blood
14. Skull N Bones