{/AW/} 100% [EDM]
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{/AW/} 100% [EDM]

Hamburg, Hamburg City, Germany | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Hamburg, Hamburg City, Germany | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Solo Electronic EDM




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{/AW/} 100% [EDM Artist] // {Creative MusicProducer}

AW100 was founded in september 2017 in Hamburg - Germany by Aris Arjuna Noorsanto.
The experience making music has been established since the early 90's before the millenium!

AW100 was formerly known as "Wellenwert", when the first Single Release "ADRENALINE" was published by Global Music Records in Belgium.



{/AW/} 100% [EDM-Artist] // "Electronic Music since the last Century"

AW100 produces an unique Style as also an individual sound with his emotional expressions of almost 20 years experience in his lifetime as an electronic musician in the early 90's before the millenium!

AW produces electronic music since he started playing around with some synthesizers and drums, by creating a complete arrangement of looped scenarios, which were combined with meaningful sounds, that should be sent out to other places for describing the localization of the self in the natural habit of an energetic force that makes life even possible - The body, with it´s mind and the deep inner soul, which reflects the emotional part of the being.

An explanation of his world, by representing a conditional level of power to create songs, that were describing a force around in his feelings besides the intellect, was recognizable as floating particles of light and swinging waves with the magnetic force, this is the basic ground for an existence by moving within a strict order of one final direction, which was existing permanently. 

There’s a stream of power in this universe, floating from “now” to “then” and is overall and well known as “space”, that has swinging forces of conditional energetic fields, that are resulting by the pure existence of available energetic fields here and then, that are not right at this place to be, but they exist on another places for being there: That´s the gravitational force! It’s an energetic form of a force that exists as an energetic field through all natural beings and could be understand as a swinging energy, that only shows us, that the hope should never be given up...


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