Await The Day

Await The Day

 Houston, Texas, USA

Await The Day believes they are called to reach this generation through music, whether Christians or non-believers. Christians need some good hard rock music that speaks to them and that they can relate to in times when life just sucks. Also, the mainstream needs music they can relate to as well.


Await The Day, born out of that small country called Texas has proven their vision is as big as the state they come from. Their freshman release �Time For Change�, entering the world in September of 2008, consists of nothing less than a cornucopia of melodic hard rock. With raging guitars, soaring vocals, intense drums and of course, the strategically placed screams, this band is driven to bring a sound to your ears that you can�t help but keep listening to. With lyrics that focus largely on hope in spite of a world that sometimes seems hopeless they continue to deliver this message in a way that is relevant to our culture today. Over the course of their 2 years together the band has played many different venues, sharing a stage with Showbread, High Flight Society, As I Lay Dying, Family Force Five and many more. This band is determined to connect to this generation, recruiting fans from every show they play. In a time where all artists are labeled in one way or another, Await The Day has set out to just play the best music they can, writing songs that they hopefully would listen to themselves. �It�s not about what type of music you play, it�s about whether or not the song reaches someone where they are� says singer Ben Fontenot. �If we can connect with at least one person at each show it is all worth while.� These guys are no strangers to open doors. In fact, their most exciting opportunities somehow seem to fall in their collective lap, sometimes in dizzying bursts. Boyer was at a Houston sandwich shop when he met Jeffrey Armstreet (Evangeline), who produced the band�s EP at his studio, and subsequently got them placed on the bill for one of GMA Week�s biggest showcases. Soon after, the first song they recorded with Armstreet got them placed on the independent stage at Spirit West Coast in Monterrey, California as well as Lifelight Festival in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. After all of that, the band could be forgiven for suspecting an external hand may be manipulating knobs on the myriad doors that continue to open for them. Despite the consistent growth of their fan base, their busy schedule, and a solid first recording effort, Await the Day insists that their aspirations aren�t centered around large-scale success, at least not for its own sake. �Our goal is just to glorify God through our music and to be able to minister to people, especially young people. That�s where our passion is,� confesses O�Neal. �We�d love to play on a mainstream stage and be a big band � but that�s not really our goal.� Adds Boyer, �We want to make God famous, not us�We want to make the best music possible that captures the heart of a generation for God.� Capturing the heart of a fickle generation seems like a tall order, and I wonder how they hope to do it. �Christians need some good ol� hard rock music that can speak to them, encourage them, and that they can relate to in times when life just sucks,� says lead singer Ben Fontenot, who wrote all of the songs on the EP. �On the other hand, I think the mainstream needs to know that � there is music out there that offers hope and love and something they can relate to. If we can somehow be a vessel to lead them to Christ through this kind of music, then God is truly glorified and we are doing our job.� It�s a charge they take seriously, and to which they devote no small amount of prayer and discussion. To be sure, music-as-ministy can be a difficult line to walk, but the band is unfazed. To keep him grounded, Fontenot looks to the words of another lyricist [Switchfoot�s] Jon Foreman. One particular Switchfoot lyric (�I don�t belong here.�) has helped galvanize his purpose and the band�s in his mind. �We�re here to make a difference, but we�re not here to stay,� he says. We�ll see.


Time for Change

Written By: Ben Fontenot

Every time I try to ignore
The signs you give
I can remember thinking
All of the while not thinking
Something inside still driving me
Not taking the time to say
I love you but only words
Nothing without devotion

You just say the word and I will go with you
Take my life

I want to do this over, since you have changed my life
I want to grow even closer, it's you I won't deny

It's gone…the other me, only room for you
Always seeking, never going to stop
Show me your ways, grace is free
I'm free by you, saved by your name

You just say the word
Take my life!!!

Given everything but giving nothing
Unbalanced equation
Humbled by you
Prayers inside me
Calling, you call me

I want to be where You are
Until then I'll scream your name
You are the one who holds my scars
For You I won't be ashamed


Written By: Ben Fontenot

In a place I could barely breathe
You reached in and you rescued me
All along right here by my side
Through away all my selfish pride
Down and out searching for a home
In Your arms where I’m gonna go
Believed in me never had a doubt
On my way now I’ve been found

It was You that carried me

You know my heart you’re always right
It’s where you are I want to find
Take my life and make it Yours
You save me

You save me from myself
To be someone else, I can’t see

You’re the one in front of me
The scales are gone I am free
I can finally see you
Jesus You lifted me for eternity
And I thank you
You know my heart you’re always right
It’s where you are I want to find
Take my life and make it Yours
You save me


2008 - Time For Change

Set List

It Won't Be Long
Here I am
Broken And Hungry
Faces That Lie
Living in the grey
Over the ledge
This Heart Remains
Time For Change