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A Perfect Life:Released 2003:11-Track Album
Demo:Released 2004:4-Track Demo



AWAKE stands for being an ever-progressing rock group with an open-mind when it comes to the music. From the lethal-drumming to the beautiful hooks, Awake has a sound reserved to leave you wanting more.

AWAKE consisted of four members. Each one has been in bands prior to this one. After starting this project in January of 2001, Awake has played many shows. Playing around the area of Bellefontaine, Ohio as well as made headway in Columbus, Toledo, Dayton, Cincinnati and Cleveland. Also playing clubs in Michigan, Indiana, and West Virginia. In Michigan the band played in a Battle of the Bands and took home a $1000 first prize.

In late spring of 2001 Awake took the step of recording our first demo. It contained four songs. The next step was promotion, close to 400 demo CDs were distributed. Shortly after this small feat, Awake progressed themselves with a new drummer and recorded thier five song EP a few weeks later. T-Shirt, stickers, and promo pictures immediately followed.

In January of 2002 Awake picked up yet another drummer, Ben Smith. After Ben only being with the band for a mere month, Awake set out to begin production of their debut album, "A Perfect Life", which was released in March 2003. As the band was in and out of the studio they were also hitting the club scene pretty heavy, playing the shows and promoting the album that would soon be released.

In September 2003, Awake then began training a new guitarist, former FunktioN guitar player Brock. Brock was to be the fifth member and eventually fill the role of guitarist, Rich Marquis.
In December 2003, Rich made his rough departure from Awake. Going seperate ways to venture on a new life journey. And we wish him the best. Now Brock assumes role of the guitars. With Brock in Awake, they started on a new side of the band, a little bit more of a metal edge. The band then began writing new material and perfecting that which was already set. Also, writing the new demo track, "Empty".

After a few hardships and obstacles the band then had to face another grueling decision. January 2004, drummer Ben Smith decides to part ways with the band to take on life a different way. After a grueling month of trying to find the perfect replacement for Ben, we came across former L3FT drummer, E.Z.. E.Z. was the missing piece to the puzzle. With his young, raw energy he has brought yet another card to the Awake table.

In April 2004, Awake released the demo track, "Empty" and soon to come in May 2004, the next demo track, "Fall In". The band is currently working on 2 more demo tracks to being shopping to various record labels. With some very interesting leads...