Awake is a Bulgarian band formed in 2002. With the album “Little bliss” Awake uncover themselves as a modern rock band, influenced by the the rock of the 70’s and the grunge music of the 90’s, finding identity in the modern sound and vision. Awake have appearances on "Exit", "Spirit of Burgas" etc.


Awake is a Bulgarian rock band formed in 2002 in Sofia /Bulgaria/. The band, led by frontman and co-founder Ivan Ivanov, has gone through numerous lineup changes since its formation. Now the members of the band are Ivan Ivanov (vocals, guitar), Zhelyaz Zhelezov (drums), Petar Bratanov (guitar), Aleksander Nakov (guitar) and Rumen Minev (bass).

The acclamation of Awake.. music comes in 2004 when they win three awards by the popular Bulgarian radio station BG Radio. Two of them are in the contest "BG Talents" and the prize is just what the band wants - audio and video recording of their first rotated single. The song is called “Za neya” /”About her”/and it turns into a hit released in three different Bulgarian music compilations. The third award is from the annual BG Radio music awards 2005 in the "BG Discovery" category.

Not only “Za neya” but another song – “Trapka” /”Thrill”/ is released as a compilation track. The name of the compilation is “Playlist” and includes 15 bulgarian rock and alternative tracks in their first release ever.

In the end of 2005, the band changes it’s drummer with Zhelyaz Zhelezov (ex Portocal, P.I.F.). That change is prompted by the new harder sound and direction of the band. Awake orientate their music to the big stage performances.

This moment is marked by the second single of the band – “Plain story”, released in the beginning of 2006. The song is in English and it doesn’t reach the mass success of "Za neya", but it earns many new rock fans for the band. “Plain story” is played by all Bulgarian rock radio stations and some online Medias such as – UK. In the meantime Awake is already playing at the big rock festivals in Bulgaria and at Exit’06 /Serbia/.

On 17 of December Awake release their third single called “Little bliss”, which gives the name of the debut album of the band, released later the same month. The song is nominated for “Best Rock / Alternative song” on the MMTV /Bulgaria/ awards ceremony.

The album is produced by Pacific studio (owned by the drummer of the band) and it contains 11 compositions. Ten of the songs are in English. The only one in Bulgarian is “Trapka” in new unreleased version. The third single from this album is the song called “Away”.

With the album “Little bliss” Awake uncover themselves as a modern rock band, influenced by the spirit of the classic rock of the 70’s and the grunge music of the 90’s, finding their identity in the modern sound and vision.

Awake have frequent appearances on scenes at venues in Sofia /Bulgaria/ and province and in festival events like “Berkrock”, “Rock in Rila”, Exit'06 /with bands like Franz Ferdinand, The Cardigans, The Cult, Billy Idol etc/, Apoloniya, “Spirit of Burgas”,“Rock School festival”, Seattle Night etc.


Little bliss

Written By: Ivan Ivanov

She got what she came for
Now it’s time to go
Hidden in the shadow
Creepy little bug

Doesn’t matter anymore
Jaded eyes don’t need a score
Someone get me out of this
I think I’m getting bored

Oh yeah
Get me out of here

Things are getting physical
I think I’ll waste you
Someone got the fire down
Someone shot the clown

No one getting out of this
Sweating little bliss
I think I need to drop a line
To satisfy my mind

Oh yeah
Get me out of this

I’m messing around
Trying to get down
I need to make it easy
But I’d like some style

Grab some fine wine
Sit on the line
I feel the world is mine in that particular time
Standing on the line
I’m not waiting for yes…
Just take of your dress!

Let it go

Written By: Ivan Ivanov

Let’s take a trip to find new land
Again and again
We’ll leave some traces for the next man
Oh yeah

You gotta let it go (3) Alright!

We’ll walk until we loose the time
Inside our mind
Some good friends died but we’re still here

You gotta let it go
You gotta let me in
Let me take you to a place you’ve never been...


Written By: Ivan Ivanov

Incense sticks and wine
Soft asylum in her arms
Singing whispered rhymes
The night will stop by to hide us

She doesn’t wait for me in tender time
She doesn’t wait for me she is not mine...

Something’s locked for me
U left message with the key

Go through peaks
Investigate holes
Bring to life what’s worth to die for
Paint with red and pulsing curve oh
Let’s perform ourselves with verve


Written By: Ivan Ivanov

Color of your skin is made of chocolate sin
Corner of your smile seduces me wild
I can be your guy just because your ‘hi’
We could not even try ‘cause we’re

Away from each other
Some memories fade away
But we do, we’re trying
There are memories here to stay and so we wait
We wait…

Picture on the wall can’t make the distance short
I need to feel your day and everything
I want to hear your voice, to look behind your eyes
We could not even try ‘cause we’re


Singles / Videos:

* Za neya (About her) (2005)
* Plain story (2006)
* Little bliss (2007)
* Away (2008)

All the singles of Awake have radio and TV airplay in Bulgaria, also on Pulse rated - UK.


* Little Bliss (2007)
1. Little bliss (4:12)
2. Let it go (3:58)
3. Plain story (3:36)
4. U can’t disappoint me (4:13)
5. Away (3:52)
6. Freedom (3:23)
7. 54 (4:55)
8. Awake (4:00)
9. Trapka /Thrill/ ( 3:43)
10. Self-opium (6:17)
11. Verve (3:31)


# „Playlist“ (2005), Bulgaria

# „Favorite songs for favorite people 04“ (2005), producer Metroradio, Bulgaria

# „BG talents part 2“ (2005), producer Metroradio, Bulgaria

# „Music awards BG radio 1“ 2005

3 "Credit to the nation" 2008

Set List

1. Lovely Joseff
2. Joke
3. Goner's wish
4. The sweet taste of fire
5. Freedom
6. Away
7. Plain story
8. You can't dissapoint me
9. Bad news
10. Little Bliss
11. Verve
12. Let it go

Usually we play round about 60 min. Sometimes we make covers like:

Slither - Velvet Revolver
All my life - Foo Fighters
Your time has come - Audioslave
Plush - STP