Orlando, Florida, USA


Awake is a project started by Orlando musician Wheeler Newman. Wheeler has played in various local and nationally touring bands since 2003. In search of something new, Wheeler started Awake in 2009. Awake is his most current project as vocalist and guitarist. Once the songs were written and the demos recorded, Wheeler employed his good friend Shaun Combs as bass guitarist, and the two of them worked together to record the EP. Their friend and former band-mate, Dan Powell, came in for the drums, and the album was complete.

The music of Awake combines the musical precision of three professional and inspired musicians, each bringing his own distinctive approach to the album. The songs echo the sounds of classic rock revised and renewed in an artistic fashion that takes the album to a fresh and innovative genre.

This project has been a vision of Wheeler’s for some time now, but it is more than a musical project. Wheeler dreams of making his music work for people who need help. The proceeds from his merchandise and shows will go to help families and children in need. He is excited about the opportunity to help others through music.


The Chaser (2010)
Awake EP (2009)

Set List

Set list consists mostly of original songs.