Awake At Last

Awake At Last

 Dover, Delaware, USA

AWAKE AT LAST delivers rocking jams with catchy melodies that you can nod your head to... Thier music combines the poppy-ness of the radio with the edgy-ness of a sweaty, underground rock club.


AWAKE AT LAST is a hard hitting, progressive rock group out of Dover Delaware. The band formed in early 2011 and consists of different musicians from all different parts of the local Delaware rock and roll scene... All members of AWAKE AT LAST have been a part of the scene in one way or another.

Jesse Keim, the drummer of the group (who has played in bands such as The Automatics and He's the Hero) had just gotten off tour with bands Thick as Blood, and I, The Breather and by chance he ran into the man who would become the lead singer and guitarist of AWAKE AT LAST… Vincent Torres. They had been old friends and they started talking about getting together to form a new band that would put everything the two had been through into perspective. Once the plans had been made, Vincent brought in lead guitarist Eric Blackway (known for his skills in the band Auburn City and The Flatline Symphony) and after jamming a few times, finally formed the foundation for AWAKE AT LAST. The three of them wrote a few songs, and after a few months, finally brought in bassist Estil Holliday (who has played in bands such as Valentine out of Las Vegas, and also The Flatline Symphony). Once these four members came together, AWAKE AT LAST was truly born.

AWAKE AT LAST brings a fresh sound to the Delaware music scene, and have been playing shows and doing everything that they can to move forward ever since... They all share the same goal of writing strong and energetic rock and metal influenced songs with heartfelt lyrics about life, death, and everything in between. Their goal is to spread their message through music: no matter who you are or what life you live, dreams are never as far as the world may make it seem. AWAKE AT LAST has also developed a strong business mindset and have come to the conclusion that they will do anything to get these messages out and to inspire all of those around them. Vince, Eric, Estil, and Jesse all bring elements of great, entertaining, and catchy rock songs in order to bring fans and loved ones closer, and to share their music and experiences with anyone willing to listen.

Keep an eye out for AWAKE AT LAST because they'll be in your area soon and they hope that everyone can feel the power and ambition that comes with chasing dreams and being artists. AWAKE AT LAST has been making plenty of noise, and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Keep your head in the clouds and let their visions become your own. Dreams are not impossible.


"Awake At Last" self-titled EP. released Oct 2011

track listing:
1- 2007
2- Lady Kill
3- Constellation Conspiracy
4- Answers
5- Prologues and Endings

The track "Lady Kill" is currently being played on local and regional mainstream and college radio, along with a few Indie internet stations.