Awake At Last

Awake At Last

 Dover, Delaware, USA

AWAKE AT LAST is a hard hitting, progressive rock group with a strong business mindset. They blend energetic and melodic guitar tones with heavy drums to create a sound that has been taking Delaware by storm.


AWAKE AT LAST brings a fresh sound to the Delaware music scene... Each member shares the same goal of writing strong, energetic rock and metal influenced songs with heartfelt lyrics about life, death, and everything in between. Their goal is to spread their message through music: no matter who you are or what life you live, dreams are never as far as the world may make it seem.

AWAKE AT LAST has also developed a strong business mindset and will do anything to get these messages out and to inspire all of those around them. Vince, Eric, Estil, and Bryan all bring elements of great, entertaining, and catchy rock songs in order to bring fans and loved ones closer, and to share their music and experiences with anyone willing to listen.

Keep an eye out for AWAKE AT LAST because they'll be in your area soon. They hope that everyone can feel the power and ambition that comes with chasing dreams and being artists. AWAKE AT LAST has been making plenty of noise, and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Keep your head in the clouds and let their visions become your own. Dreams are not impossible.


Awake At Last (self tittle ep)

Set List

The world that never was
Lady kill
constellation conspiracy
prologues and endings