Away from the Glow

Away from the Glow


Rock Music with a focus on lyrical quality and depth. Unusual chordal arrangements and songwriting with solid accessible grooves. Fusions of modern and classical instrumentation. Music for musicians and music lovers alike.


Formed in late 2007, Away from the Glow is the summation of an experiment married with practical experience. Vocalist Mike Meacher wanted to see what would happen if he locked himself in a studio and wrote and recorded entire arrangements on a digital platform. The six resulting songs became the foundation of what would become the varied style of AFTG's music. Joined by fellow ex "Tomorrow's Excuse" bandmate, Dave Guenard, musical collaborator Dark Darkley and Drummer Marty Sinclair a band was formed. Darkley and Meacher produced and recorded AFTG's debut album set for release in late-winter 2009. Away from the Glow's Powerful vocals, complex arrangements and thumping grooves will make them a heavy hitter on the Canadian Indie scene. Keep an eye on this band.

AFTG's song "Life on the Bottom Rung" recently won best Indie/Alternative song in Mike Pinders (of the Moody Blues) songwars.


Life On The Bottom Rung

Written By: Mike Meacher

Was it trust or bad luck?
Was it lust that brought you here?
Did you feel loved?
Was it not enough?
Did you lose it all?
Did you wonder if you ever cared at all?

This is loss. This is love. This is life on the bottom rung. You cannot lose what you don't give away. You're down and out but you be back someday.

Did they take all you had? Did you blame the drugs or did you blame your dad? Is it all your fault that all your friends are bad? Do you hate yourself for fucking up over and over again?

This is loss. This is love. This is life on the bottom rung. If you get back up you can fight through the haze. You're down and out but you'll be whole again someday.

This is loss. This is love. This is life on the bottom rung. If you stand your ground you can be free to find that if you know yourself you can see through your eyes.


Self-titled (released April 28th 2009)

Set List

Original Music
-Life on the Bottom Rung, Sunset Song, Skeleton, Talking to Ghosts, The Veil, The Commercial, Goodbye, Lie Machine, Jeffery's Backyard, End of the World, Runaway, All Gone to Hell

Cover Music

Pink Floyd, David Bowie, NIN, Radiohead, Big Wreck, Tom Petty, Edwin, I Mother Earth, OLP, Soundgarden, Chris Cornell, Audioslave, Thornley, Faith No More, Tool, APC, Walflowers, Matthew Good, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more...