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Away Rio!
All Things Shining
Arrgh Records

I first saw Away Rio! Play live in a small intimate bar in their hometown of Victoria, British Columbia. It was clear from the crowd's response that these guys are favourites among the cities small, tight knit music community. The Victoria connection is evermore present on the group's latest release "All Things Shining" which was released on the island based Arrgh Records and features guest musicians including the Beattie brothers who front the Victoria band Chet.

"All Things Shining" starts off with a mellow track titled "Good for Me, Good for You". The first thing that strikes listeners is front man Joey MacDonald's low guttural, growling vocals. MacDonald's vocals are unique to say the least and do take a while to get used to, but after several listens I really began to enjoy it and feel that it gives the band their unique sound.

"Only Bad Can Come of This" sticks out as one of the album's strongest tracks with a more rock and roll feel. Other note worthy numbers include the country inspired "I'm Undone" complete with banjo and the last track "The Love That's Inside Us" which really showcases MacDonald's resonating vocals.

Away Rio! takes elements of folk, indie rock, and early 90's grunge and combine their instrumentals with low grumbling vocals that set themselves apart. "All Things Shining" is highly recommended for fans of Ladyhawk, Blood Meridian, and Palace Brothers.

Paul Borchert - MOTE Magazine

Don�t you just love pleasant surprises? To know that every once in a while, something magical may happen and bring a smile to your face and a tap to your toe, gives a music fan- or any fan of life in general- reason to go on. One of these pleasant surprises happened to me a few months ago at a show at the Fifty Fifty Arts Collective. I knew zilch about the first band of the evening, but when Away, Ri�o! started to strum & hum, I was instantly smitten with their interesting folk and rock mix with noir edges.
That night Away, Ri�o! was singer/guitarist Joey MacDonald and guitarist James Colburn, sometimes augmented by a few percussionary pals. But since them, membership has been a little more malleable. Of the rotating membership up until this point, MacDonald says �being that the operation has always been an exercise in poverty and exhaustion, we�ve refrained from accepting submissions and adopting any kind of roster, so as not to burst when unable to bend.�
More recently MacDonald and Colburn have been joined by Meaghan MacDonald, Caitlin Gallupe and Paul Charbinaud, all of whom add various instruments to the Away, Ri�o! sound.
This Sunday night, you�ll have a chance to be pleasantly surprised yourself when Away, Ri�o! play an AIDS benefit show at the Central Bar & Grill. MacDonald says �it is the efforts of one Nick Thornton that sees this worthy cause to the light of day, or rather the dim faux-chandelier glow of the Central Bar & Grill. He seems to have his heart in the right place on this and lending an enjoyable evening to something like this is less a chore or charity than a delight.�
Further chances to enjoy Away, Ri�o! come later in June and July, when AAARGH! Records/Productions, which members of Away, Ri�o! are at the heart of, have organized a series of power poppin� shows. Various locales on Vancouver Island and throughout B.C. will bring together the likes Vancouver groups Fun 100 and the Feminists with locals Immaculate Machine. Of the traveling powerpop showcases, MacDonald says, �They serve as little more than a means of bringing together groups that contribute wholeheartedly to a sense of worth and substance in fun music. [The] groups that highlight the more positive things that independent music can offer, such as tasteful hand-claps and inexplicable fits of dance, without the sudsy, bubbly bullshit.�
And if their songs, outlook and press photo weren�t refreshing enough already, MacDonald answered the standard �Anything you want to tell Monday readers?� question with one of the wisest answers ever: �Trust Georgia Nicols with your life.�
- Bill Stuart
- Monday Magazine

Away Ri�o!
All Things Shining
Hailing from Vancouver�s island-locked sister, Victoria�s Away Ri�o! has built a fine album fit for hazy hours lost in thought. As their record, All Things Shining, creeps by, a trail of furry backwoods folk is left in its wake. Sleepy guitars and soft melodies fill the record, and, every so often, someone picks up some drumsticks or a bass. A slew of back-up singers also surfaces periodically to have their say. But the lead vocalist that comes with Away Ri�o! is what�s truly alluring. Singer Joey MacDonald has the kind of tore-up voice that sounds as if he�s living hard to die young. In fact, MacDonald sounds similar to a cross between Tindersticks� Stuart Staples and Tom Waits. And it�s these smoke-and-whiskey vocals that make Away Ri�o! not just another run-of-the-mill folk rock band. Ultimately, All Things Shining is ideal for gentle nights filled with too many whiskies on ice.
- BRock Thiessen - Nerve Magazine


Away, Ri'o! - "Lo, the Low Down Light Comes Rising" EP, Nov. 2007 (ARG108)

Away, Ri'o!- "All Things Shining" Dec. 2006 (Arg104)

Away, Ri'o!- "Early Efforts" EP, 2005 (Arg101)



The resonate sound of fallibility, passionate recountings of loss, humbling experience & trusting ones failures over their successes in growing older...

Songs tenderly formed as though melodies carved of some stern granite take nothing for granted as they expand into gorgeous sound scapes. This output of some phenomenal conviction stands commandingly atop the thresh between haggard aggression, childish flourish & a loving folk song upon bloodied fingers.
Having flourished their early roots in aggressive, functionally active punk, the members of Away, Ri'o! have collapsed & recollected themselves too many times to look back upon. Standing again, they find that they are without shoes & socks, toes enveloped in grass.

Retaining what has mattered, they approach folk with the kind of subtle aggression that is found rarely, though seldom taken for granted.

You may never have heard tender hands emrace their respective vehicles, fashioning overdriven guitars sound this clairvoyantly beautiful, or at least not since Neil Young's "Alabama". Equally, you well not have heard a throat billow so beautifully as though slate collapsing upon itself, only to form a smooth stone, at least not since Tom Waits sang "Cold, Cold Ground".

Now just 2 years in, Away, Ri'o!'s stoic take on rock is unmistakable, even humbling itself. It can be heard and felt as though a warm embrace from a cherished friend, the usurping of songbirds as late night turns to early morning while staggering homeward drunkenly, or the sound of a overdue telephone conversation with your father. Somewhere between Bonnie "Prince" Billy, Bruce Springsteen & Neil Young, this caring and tender sound becomes known.

Since it's release, "All Things Shining" received warm reviews & made a huge debut on Earshot!'s national college radio charts, where it debuted at #19 & rose to #13 for the month of December, '06.