A Week Without Sun

A Week Without Sun


A mix of metal and punk that will knock you down and pick you back up with its low end 7 string riffs and hard hitting drum beats. Heavy sounding music that will get stuck in your head and leave you wanting more! Sing along with the chorus melodies then scream till your throat bleeds.


Based in the small town of Ste Rose du lac, A Week Without Sun is a metal and punk influenced band. The band as a whole appreciates most of the musical spectrum but finds passion in music that lifts you up as well as it can throw you down.

The unique heaviness that comes from the mixture of 7 string guitar riffs and precise drumming offers the listener a space in which they can forget their frustrations from the day, and pound their fists in a healthy release of anger.

Always ready to play, this band has a dozen original songs written already with plenty more in the works. See them live almost every week in local venues near you!

Set List

The Questionable End
Blacked out to Red
Death Come in Time
The Day You Die
The Wrath of Light
Hiding Hate