Plano, Texas, USA

Awen's musical renderings are characteristically minimalist yet deeply atmospheric, emotionally complex and evocative, imparting an effortless synergy of both organic, traditional folk elements with a cold, synthetic industrial ambience. Their music contains strong elements of the melancholic, bleak, grandiose, heroic, and enigmatic- centered upon themes of honor, sacrifice, mystic revelation, and martial virtue.


Awen is a vehicle for the visions and intonations of Erin Powell with the chief assistance and musicianship of Eric Kristopher, the participation and production of Per Nilsson, and the voice and percussive efforts of Katrin X. Awen is one of the few active American artists in the predominantly European genre known as Neofolk, originally spearheaded by British bands Death In June, Current 93 and Sol Invictus. Utilizing elements of Industrial music via sonic experimentation and sampling alongside acoustic instrumentation and deep vocals, Awen has stayed true to the roots of the genre while expanding its potential; like a ship in the dark unchartered depths of the collective unconscious.


v.a. Manifest Destiny : A New World Digest
- "The Iconoclast"

The Bells Before Dawn (CD, TRSKL001)

The Bells Before Dawn
2009 (vinyl, DAIS003)

The Need-fire Rekindled
2008 (CD-R)

Antiphonal DVD compilation 1 (Spain)