Awesome Cool Dudes

Awesome Cool Dudes

 Austin, Texas, USA

Awesome Cool Dudes are disco people in a rock n roll world. Think the Giorgio Moroder era Sparks albums filtered through the post punk manic skronk of Public Image Ltd. We've toured from Mexico to Canada over the last few years, and a new album comes out on obey your brain in the fall of 2008.


We play disco and spazzy rock music. We have fun, and we likey the drink. We've toured all over North America ranging from tiny basements to international festivals. We have a huge body of recorded work, and we continue to write to keep ourselves entertained.


We've recorded 7 full lengths, some EP's and 7"s. New record out fall of 2008 on obey your brain (man man, icy demons, etc)

Set List

Our sets can vary but are between 30-45 minutes.