Awesome Sounds Like Austin

Awesome Sounds Like Austin


If you can you imagine translating the aural wavelengths of a sparrow's mind as he flies over the Andes Mountain Range and, perhaps, the loneliness of his little sparrow heart, then you are probably pretty wierd.


I've heard once that you can't judge a man by a robot's productivity, and so, hence forth, you can't bury a tree with it's own roots. This is the substance of Awesome Sounds Like Austin's music. Well, maybe, not really. We try to make music that represents our own feelings about..... music...... and life...... and music about life. We hold these truths to be self inflicting, which makes this entire biography redundant. We also hold these truths to be lies, with our hands..... but it slips through our perfectly fine tuned and machined and oiled mitts. So listen to these finely crafted pieces of reality and amaze yourself at how they are not you. We are influenced by nature, and spoons, for the reflection in these spoons can only be like the reflections of. .of. of bands that we hear in our lives and in due time. We are set apart from other bands by air and particles, there. So, do you like? Our story is one of great sadness, and happiness, but the two aren't related, by blood or legal processes, yet. We come from a land, an old old land, with microbes, and pitfalls, so be careful.


A Long List of Tall Tales - LP
Donal Terry - EP

Set List

Our set list can range from 6 to 15 songs, all original.