Awesome Ty!

Awesome Ty!

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A hip hop/rap artist, citing a wide variety of influences from hair metal to beethoven all the way on to wu tang clan. Melodic instrumentals and sing along choruses paired with insightful and at times humorous lyrics are staples in what make for fun and energetic alt hip hop songs.


I always said that I would happily make music for free the rest of my life. Just the feeling of making something as powerful as a song, from scratch, was all I thought I would need. As your music progresses, however, your desire to see it appreciated by others grows. I know in my heart that I have something worth sharing with as many people as possible, and will not rest until people are aware of my music and it is readily available to those who want it.

Much like my personal taste in music, I like to think my own material is continually evolving and growing, while never actually changing or straying from point A.

In the several years, I have spent actively promoting my music; it has been rare that I have become discouraged by any lack of success or personal shortcomings. I attribute this to the fact, that I have watched myself progress from a kid who wanted to start rapping, into a tried all-around musician who produces all of his own material as well as that of other local artists. Today, I have a tested product and style, that I am proud to call my own, and have built both a strong local fan base and a solid internet following.

Over the course of my career thus far, I have performed with numerous popular hip-hop acts, such as MURS, Boot Camp Click, Turf Talk, Esham, Traxamillion, and Spice-1, and have collaborated on a track for my indie-album "Arrhythmia" with Bizarre of the platinum selling rap group D12. The single "Clean My Room", an upbeat alt rock/hip hop crossover track, is scheduled to be released on several nationally distributed compilations in 2009.

In a genre in which quality live performances are few and far between, my goal is to deliver a memorable, high-energy set every time I take the stage. Rappers all too often, take the stage with multiple hype men all overdubbing a pre-recorded track, and leave the crowd bored and unimpressed. I feel that it is imperative to show the audience exactly why you belong on the stage, and to command their attention with a performance that is second to none.

In closing, I do not want to be known as the next anybody. I realize the number of aspiring rappers is over-whelming and that in statistically speaking my odds are slim, but fact of the matter is this...Music, both creating and performing, is what drives me to be successful. My music is the one thing I am so passionate about, that I will not stand to settle for mediocrity or half hearted effort.

My name is Awesome Ty! and by hell or high water, my music will be heard.


"The Neverending Story" LP (2004)
"The Heatwave" EP (2007)
"Arrhythmia" LP (2009)
"Big Weed ft Bizarre of D12" Single (2009)
"Clean My Room" Single (2009)

Set List

Average set 25-30min

Typical songs include...

The Heatwave
Charlie Sheen
Clean My Room
Rawk Rawk Yall
Better Days
Thrown out the Club
Big Weed
Sometimes I...
God Hates Me?

Typical cover songs include...
Doin' Time (Sublime)
No Diggity (Blackstreet)
Five on it (Luniz)
The Distance (Cake)
Jump (Kriss Kross)

I try to include one cover song in my sets, but often do strictly orginal songs.