Awesome Witch of Rad

Awesome Witch of Rad


Old- timey, whimsical roots, idiosyncratic folk , dream pop that will capture you with it's raw charm all the while slyly casting a spell on you with clever lyrical magic.


AWOR was dreamed into reality after moving to Brooklyn in 2007. With guitar in tow, she moved from Seattle with the band Wilde Turkey in which she played drums. Having just left a rocky relationship, she exercised a 10 song detailed description of her trials then realized she had just birthed a solo project.
With no intention of playing folk music nor having a solo project, she has found a refreshing amount of love and support from her family and friends. It is with this encouragement she is overjoyed and excited to share her music. Whether it's on a train platform performing for strangers, an open mic filled with musicians or a back room of a noisy bar with no one listening.


AWOR"S Full length was recorded in her Brooklyn bedroom when she first arrived to NY in 2007. It's called
2+8=10 1+0=1
Her song "octopus" can be found streaming at

Set List

A typical set is 30-40 min sets of all original material but due to her expansive repertoire she can easily fill a 2 hr set.