A Whisper Rising

A Whisper Rising

 West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA

We will fill your heart with joy, lift you up and make you believe that anything is possible then pulverize your hopes and dreams immediately after, but we do it in style.


A Whisper Rising is a progressive/hardcore band based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since their formation in late 2008, they have been hard at work tearing up stages and crafting their own sound. On December 18th 2010 A Whisper Rising released their debut full length album "The Approaching Storm" which takes the listener on an inward journey of loathing, loss, and self destruction. A Whisper Rising delivers heart pounding breakdowns accompanied by razor sharp technical movements with flowing harmonic chorus's throughout to give the music a perfect blend of hardcore, alt rock, ambiance, and mathcore. Unlike the numerous cookie-cutter bands flooding the airwaves or the typical generic hardcore “breakdown” bands that thrive on mimicking every other band out there, A Whisper Rising pride themselves in putting as much heart and creative energy into the music as humanly possible. Every song is a different adventure and their love of music and creative vigor is felt and heard throughout the musical journey. The sky is the limit and A Whisper Rising has only just begun to ascend. Watch your face, we're coming for you...


Worst Case Scenario EP (2009)
The Approaching Storm LP (2011)

Set List

-Varies with songs from our full length album

-Also occasionally perform covers of "Yeah" by Usher and "It's Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door" by Underoath