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"Review from La Guitare"

AWIM is love at first sight, absolutely amazing, beyond reason, marvelous.

AWIM is the singer Anna He and Jean-Pierre Taïeb. They are both composing, Anna He plays the piano, and Jean-Pierre plays all the other instruments.

This disc is nothing less than sublime, a pure gem of soft pop, melodic with a melancholy beautiful rather than trite.

The production is in this pop spirit and the voice of Anna is voluntarily brought out. How could it have been different?

Her voice is dazzling and accurate. You are not attending the show of a diva here, full of useless technique. Anna, while singing, sends you through an unbelievable range of emotions. Jean-Pierre is an extra-terrestrial, guitarist, pianist and arranger, the cornerstone of this jewel.

The work carried out by Jean-Pierre has unequalled sensitivity. This disc is a ray of sunshine penetrating your darkest days.

I'd love to be awakened by a song like Set Me Free every morning to come. Reflections is immense, in fact the 12 pieces composing this album all glide in an immaculate sky.

Between us, the only regret that I have is that the lyrics are not included with the disc, because obviously they are important.

The musicality of the words is brought out, and when it is associated with such a masterful and meticulous production, transports you to the sublime.

Do not have any apprehension, this disc can be absorbed in the first listening, and is not a universe to be tamed, just let your emotions rise again.

Please, if you buy this disc (on, do not compress it below 128K, you would lose some its charm. The sound is breathtaking.

This is a promising year.

[Translated by Maxfield Chandler.] - La Guitare

"Review from Europe 2 Music"

Let's get past a few brief moments of the recording industry to concentrate on a production quite independently. There was a time when the pop left lasting traces in the memories thanks to groups as diverse as Cock Robin, Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins ... It is in this spirit that wants to register the duo AWIM, consisting of two artists that are quite different: Anna He and Jean-Pierre Taïeb. Between the United States, France and Israel, they decided to develop a common album listening only to their heart and influences.

The Instrumentation and the potentially "tubesque" character of each piece hit the listener from the start. A lot of memories of the pop decades 80 and 90 come to mind while giving us the opportunity to discover a very harmonious wedding of voice and music.

Anna He and her light, enveloping tone blend perfectly with the delicate instrumentations of her French colleague. The keyboards are omnipresent. There are a number of potential hits, such as Butterflies, Tom, Private Story ... It's your turn to become bewitched! - Europe 2 Music


Angels Whisper In Me, LP / Baidjan Records/ France

Frontiere(s) Original Soundtrack ("Kill Me") / Wagram Music/ France



AWIM began as a collaboration between Anna He, an Israeli
singer-songwriter, and Jean Pierre Taieb, a well-known
composer and producer in France.

Anna He is a self-taught singer and pianist.

"For her, the music is happening across the senses, as an
animated painting that transforms bold strokes of color into
an ambient panorama, travels in the spaces between sanity
and confusion, between life and death. Her own music
exists as a contradiction of her desire to uncover her pain,
unleashing her inner self and her jealously guarded privacy.
AWIM stands for Angels Whisper In Me, and the music
speaks for those nearly unheard voices."

AWIM - is currently working on their second album.

AWIM - has recently collaborated with Kevin Wood
(brother of Andrew Wood) doing a cover of Mother Love
Bone's "Bone China".

AWIM - Is on the soundtrack of the film "Frontier(s) with
the song "Kill Me". The movie was released in the U.S.A
on May 9th 2008. Directed by Xavier Gens.

AWIM - is featured on the world-wide commercial for
Nivea called "Goodbye Cellulite".

AWIM - is on the soundtrack of the film "Au Petit Matin"
(Official Selection at Venice Film Festival Summer
2005) directed by Xavier Gens with the song "At Dawn"
from their first album.

About "Set Me Free":

Anna He recorded a 30 second jingle for a television
advertisement. "The response was amazing. We (NMC Music)
decided to try something new and asked Anna to complete the
song and release it as her 1st single.The single was shipped
as a white label. This generated a huge buzz around the song,
creating rumors on who the artist was, was it a band? Where
did it come from? No one imagined that it originated in Israel.
And as they say the rest is history." The song "Set Me Free"
entered the "IDF Galgalatz" playlist (Israel's leading national
radio station) on heavy rotation, where it has stayed for 8
weeks. Every single one of the other regional and national
radio stations quickly followed. "Set Me Free" was one of the
most played songs in Israel. It entered the charts at No. 5 and
remained at No. 1 for 6 weeks (on the playlist for over 12
weeks), rivaling with some of the biggest international stars
such as Celine Dion, Kyllie Minogue and Eminem. The song
was commercially released on the "Originals 4" compilation,
one of the best selling compilations in Israel.