awkward i

awkward i

 Amsterdam, North Holland, NLD

A band with comfort songs on discomfort.They lash catchy melodies with enchanting harmonies and sharp vocals like strings of pearls filled with inventive sparkling music.Delicate songs, sometimes edgy but each of them bearing something unique.Fragile and fascinating, intimate and intense: awkward i


awkward i - “Everything on Wheels”

“But I anticipate your arrival, for it`s something I enjoy and I know that if you get here, the arrival will be spoiled…”

The release of "Everything on Wheels" pursues awkward i`s musical and emotional journey with richly beautiful but vivid songs inviting you on an evocative expedition through emotions, atmospheres and sounds, deftly embodied in music. Developed upon the themes and moods of gaining and loosing, awkwardi`s second album carries magnificent intro`s combined with gripping poetry and melodic depth; varied, subtle, complex and plain gorgeous music.

“But the spur of the moment and the spirit of place all ripped and torn in another blossom storm…”

The comfort songs on discomfort of the Dutch singer-songwriter Djurre de Haan have gone some way to earn their glowing melancholy but skillfully capture the strength, dynamics and raw emotion of a live performance.

Depending on change, depending on a date, on a time and a place they are delicate, sometimes edgy but each of them bearing something truly unique. Times change and what used to be the journey of one man and his guitar has now grown into the journey of a man with his guitar and a band. A band with timeless music with a sniff of folk.
Fragile and fascinating, intimate and intense: awkward i

So let`s put them on wheels so they can be moved around…


Everything on Wheels
Release date: 17/10/2011
Excelsior Recordings 2011

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Release date: 14/09/2010
Excelsior Recordings 2009

Rock Stars
Release date: 09/2009
Excelsior Recordings 2009

Awkward i - am the king of in between
Release date: 07/01/2006
Subroutine Records

Little Next Big Things
Release date: 07/01/2006
Subroutine Records

Awkward i - False Starts In Lo-Fi
Release date: 12/01/2005
Subroutine Records