Awkward Silence

Awkward Silence


Eclectic and genre bending, mixing driving disco beats with intricate guitar stylings from an imaginary 70's iconic rock band. A.S. focuses on emotion, dynamics and harmony - weaving glorious imperfections into a spiritual paradigm - these young guys are entirely comfortable being awkward.


Looking to join the crop of recent Aussie success stories like Jet, The Vines and Wolfmother, Awkward Silence hail from Queensland Australia and have been likened to Bloc Party throwing Supertramp records at The Killers. 3 of the 4 band members are brothers from the Famularo Family. From 1996 to 2001 the brothers spent many months of the year touring the Australian countryside in a full sized decked out ex-greyhound coach playing in a family band. With Garfunkle (bass/vocals), Aiden (guitar/vocals), Kristen (drums/backing vocals) and more recently Gian (keys/ backing vocals) taking to the stage as Awkward Silence, these 4 young rockers and rollers command a combined musical career spanning nearly 30 years.

With the majority of their lives spent jamming to various styles and grooves including blues, jazz, funk and rock just to name a few, their tastes in writing are not what you'd come to expect from lads their age.

They decided early on they were going to write music with a focus on 3 simple elements; Emotion, Dynamics and Harmonies.

Since bursting onto the scene in late 2004, they have gathered a legion of young fans while touring North Eastern Australia and have been asked to play festivals to 1000's of people and support some of Australia's best bands. They recently signed to New York based Van Diemen Management who saw something special in these four lads among hundreds of great Aussie rock bands. Poised with a bag full of rocking tracks, an untamed live act and hearts full of aspiration to make their international assault, they are focused on playing the US conferences where their genre bending sounds should find the broad audience and the label recognition they deserve.


LP - Awkward Silence (Self Released)
Best of Australian Indie compilation - (Van Diemen Records)
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Set List

Have Faith in Fear
This Is Not The End
Get Myself Back
Say What You Want
Get So Cold Here At Night
The Summer
In The End
Lead On
Poison Remedy