Awkward Silence

Awkward Silence

 Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA

We're a five-piece band of best friends with a diverse blend of alternative rock and 50's charm.


Scranton PA. – Writing and performing together for more than five years, Awkward Silence took their original material into the studio and produced this exciting debut album even while maintaining their active high school and live performance schedules that attract all-ages audiences across NEPA. It was, in fact, their live performances and repeated victories at local battles of the bands that caught the attention of Radial Noise Records Chief Executive and Producer Bill Franklin, who took Awkward Silence under development and moved them into the studio.

Break’s 10 cuts showcase the band’s extensive musical range that weave together elements from jazz to punk into Awkward Silence’s bright, hook-loaded rock. Break is tight, driven and, at times, nearly schizophrenic, and always engaging. Awkward Silence’s multi-talented members (each of the young men plays multiple instruments) take ample opportunities to step out front – all the while never crowding out his band mates. Break is a collaboration that works: Memorable lyrics; smart and contemporary arrangements; tight vocals (without pitch correction!); and gifted instrumental work.

From gut busting road songs like Chevron (Watch your speedometer!) to all out anthems like The Undertow make Break a top pick for your summer play list that grows more exciting over repeated plays.

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Awkward Silence has played with such national acts as Bayside, I Am the Avalanche, Roark, The Ataris, DrManhattan, Jet Lag Gemini, Anarbor, & The Scenic. They have also performed on the Kevin Says Stage of the Vans Warped Tour.


Against The Wall

Written By: Awkward Silence

Last time I saw you standing with your back against the wall
Why be a wallflower when you could have it all?
The flashing lights, the dance floor
Dancing with the younger boys band you know that they want more

Don’t be afraid (x3)
To dance the night away

You say you’re too tired to enjoy yourself
but what good is a party if you’re stuck sitting on a shelf?
The dust collected, your rage revealed
Watching all the young girls dance with the boys that you ignored


Written By: Awkward Silence

I’m trying to break out of this habit I’ve been falling into
I just have to let it go
My body’s telling me the cold is gonna shut us both down
But even though I’m drowning in this I want you to know

That I can see the bright lights in the distance
And I can feel you moving towards me
It’s not my fault that every time I turn around you’re not there
Waiting for me

Pick me up cause I’ve been tripping over all of the things
That are catching up with me
Wherever you are, if you’re gone, I need you to come home
So you can see exactly what it is I see

For Keeps

Written By: Awkward Silence

Now that you’ve got my attention
I’m giving up everything I’ve been comfortable with
I’m giving up
I’ve got this feeling underneath my skin
It’s got a hold of me
I’m giving up

Keep it close to your chest
One more time and I just can’t handle this
I’ve been raising an alibi for every time I’ve died
And if you ask me how or why
I'd gingerly reply
I’ve got no words left to articulate the problem

You’ve got me holding on to my high hopes
For some incredible something
I’ve got this need for release but I can’t scratch the surface
I’ve got this itch on the inside that I can’t quite reach
A finality grows with each breath inside of me

I need you to solve it
I need you to solve it for me
Keep it close


Written By: Awkward Silence

Can’t get me down
I’m bringing this whole thing around
We’ll make the grade and land home safe and sound
You talk too much but I don’t mind
Cause I talk on the inside and I
Know you mean well and you try to hide it

I know things don’t look so good write now
But don’t worry
I’ve got a plan

I can drive for hours and then take the train
Don’t ask me to explain
I need to get out and I know you feel the same
I’ll be home soon
Even though I’m leaving this afternoon
I’ll be home tomorrow so don’t you worry about a thing

I know things don’t look so good write now
But don’t worry
I’ve got a plan
I know you feel trapped and you want out
But don’t worry
I’ve got a plan

And we can finally see past our veins and our capillaries
So we can fly with all the canaries
We can fly
With the birds that sing and the bees that sting
And the children that ring around
If you can see past the sound, maybe there’s a way out

Things To Do

Written By: Awkward Silence

As the curtains close it feels as though we’ve been poorly
Cast to play this game of fools for centuries past.
But as these hard times role on by, we still can’t say we
Stood through it all.
We stood through it all.

Actors come and go; fame is shared but even so
There must be a way out of this false reality
It’s such a shame to let all these people down but I can’t just go on
Like there’s nothing wrong with me
There’s nothing wrong with me.

Feeling old and being old are completely different things
So many words can be said to make our lives more pleasant
But as these hard times role on by, we sill can’t say we
Stood through it all.
We stood through it all.

The Undertow

Written By: Awkward Silence

Destiny hasn't got its hold on me
And I can also set you free but I can't unbind the unwilling so unwind
Relax, and let me take the wheel for now
I promise I won't hurt you how could I undermine undisputed peace of mind

And I won't take my chances on the Undertow
Let it wash us away before either of us knows
If our lives are set in stone to be alone
And I'll take my chances on my confidence
And the part of you that still knows best
I'm begging you to let down your defense
And forget the rest

My, oh, my
How the ocean's lunar tides lead us to our own demise
Fate is like a spell, often casting us through hell
Is this how you want to live
only taking what life gives
Don't you want me there to tell you that ocean's just a well

I'm out to prove
There's more than just the ocean left to choose
I can take you to dry land if you'd like me to
And there I swear I'll always care for you (care for you)

If this is where the story ends
I'll rewrite it again and again
Until my wearisome pen runs dry from the hope that has kept me alive for so long
Wondering if you're really gone
It's a blessing and a curse to know you're right and the world is wrong

Destiny, stay the hell away from me
I know what is meant to be but I won't abide without this girl by my side

Skeletons & Bones

Written By: Awkward Silence

Trace the outline of your days in ache
When you came in there was no time to think
Everyone was moving away
But you let me down

I don't know what's been eating at my soul but if it's a demon trying to make its way out, I assure you it won't find a home, no, not with me, I've been cleaning out my skeletons and bones, trying to make a little room for a little change

Maybe it's all I needed

Recycle all your paper years
Thinking you'll get rid of all your fears
The lights were shining, they were shining all around
But you let me down

Your recent months, yeah, they were made of gold
But now time has got you feeling old
You're having bad dreams about the hour you'll be put into the ground

And the minutes and the seconds they pass
Encircling your body of glass
Those lights were shining off the truth, off the truth you found

Maybe it's all I needed.


Radial Noise Records
July 2009
1. For Keeps
2. The Undertow
3. Break
4. Clap For Alaska
5. Chevron
6. Against The Wall
7. Plan
8. Distance
9. Things to do
10. Skeletons & Bones

Set List

We have enough material to cover up to 2 hours and 30 minutes, but a normal, solid set lasts 45-60 min. We try to keep our sets entertaining, so our heavier, more danceable songs find their way into the set lists for most occasions. Below is a list of our originals, and some covers we have done in the past.

For Keeps
Things To Do
The Undertow
Against The Wall
Clap For Alaska
Skeletons & Bones
Settled In
Shimmy Shammay
Rolling Waves
I'm Done
Kingdom Come
Abigail Bernadette
All Of My Days
Pick Me Up
Owl Eyes

Dark Blue (Jack's Mannequin)
The Mixed Tape (Jack's Mannequin)
I Wanna Grow Old With You (from The Wedding Singer)
Earth Angel (Penguins)
Zak and Sara (Ben Folds)
The Middle (Jimmy Eat World)
Honestly (Cartel)
Chicago (Sufjan Stevens)
Graduation Day (Head Automatica)