Awna Teixeira

Awna Teixeira

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

"Teixeiras voice is a delightfully gentle instrument; like the elfin sister of Emmylou Harris and Stevie Nicks."Americana UK "WTDG is the album that Nanci Griffith and Dolly Parton have been trying to produce for years and Awna has taken the first steps to emulate their success."No Depression


Portuguese-Canadian, multi-instrumentalist, Awna Teixeira began her musical career in 2001 performing all over North America and writing songs with various bands before joining Po'Girl, one of Canada's hardest working international touring acts, in 2005. Over the course of creating five albums and seven years of solid-touring in 15 different countries, on 4 different continents, and playing between 200 and 250 shows a year, Allison Russell and Awna Teixeira have become the core of the highly-esteemed and internationally-recognized band, Po'Girl. Awna, while still working with Po'Girl, is currently embarking on her first solo project.

In her formative years, Awna toured and did street performances nationally with The Derby and The Red Eyed Rounders. She then teamed up with the all-girl, country-folk band Barley Wik with whom she released two full length albums, touring nationally for three years. Barley Wik won numerous Vancouver Island Music Awards including, "Album of the Year," Most Listenable CD, and Best Acoustic Act.

Upon meeting Allison Russell of Po'Girl, instant chemistry led to the start of a great, new musical adventure. Awna quickly packed her suitcase and began touring full-time with Po'Girl, first as their bass player and back-up vocalist, and quickly moving into accordion, banjo, guitar, ukulele, gutbucket bass, percussion and lead vocals. Awna first showcased her song writing abilities with Po'Girl on their 2007 album, "Home To You," with the beautifully heart-wrenching compositions "Old Mountain Line" and "Drive All Night."

Starting in 2012, Po'Girl decided to slow their touring schedule in order to pursue other musical projects. Inspired by her many years on the road, her Portuguese-Canadian heritage and her numerous international-touring experiences, Awna embarked on her first, long-awaited, solo project bringing together an incredible collection of songs in her album "Where The Darkness Goes." From the Portuguese-Fado inspired "Minha Querida" and "Velai Por Nos" to the deep soul of roots music with her claw- hammer style banjo on songs like "Stand Tall" and "In The Days," Awna's solo project takes you on a deeply satisfying musical journey.

On her 2012 solo release tour of the UK and Netherlands, Awna received amazing five-star reviews and was called the next "undisputed Queen of Roots Music," by No Depression. With her fantastic song-writing ability and compelling stage presence, Awna has been likened to such legends as Emmylou Harris and Dolly Parton. Stay tuned for the release of her EP Thunderbird coming out in October of 2013!


Stand Tall

Written By: Awna Teixeira

By the sails upon the water, we move around the world. By
the songs we sing, we dance; we move around the world.
There's a light in your eyes when you can see, when you can
see the sun. There's a dream in your heart when you believe,
when you believe in us. We can all fall from grace when the
clouds come down on us and we can all stand tall, with an
army of love. By the threads we weave, we braid; we wish
upon the stars. By the seeds we plant, we pray; we wish
upon the stars. By the hands of all our children, we can break
beyond the walls. By the silence in time, we listen; we can
break beyond the walls.

Minha Querida

Written By: Awna Teixeira

She's the fire, she is the light, she is the trouble that
stumbles way down to the ground. High up above the sky
you fly, you fly. She is a diamond, she is a dream, she is the
wonder that follows you down to your knees. High up above
the sky you fly, you fly. O meu coração (o my heart), você é
meu sonho (you are my dream) minha querida (my dear)
I cannot speak, the bells they ring. Through the bellows, the
birds will sing. Move your body, feel the fever and burn your
troubles down. With fire in your lover’s eyes, with fire in you
can't deny. Holds you over, takes you under, finds you when
you’re down.

Where The Darkness Goes

Written By: Awna Teixeira

Lovely days to come, looking back on all the years under the
sun. Flowers in the grass, growing like all the little things you
love. I believe in miracles where the darkness goes. Worn
out old shoes, walking around the world looking for love
Taken by surprise, she's got just the touch you've been
dreaming of. I believe in miracles where the darkness
goes. She's got eyes of the night, she can see right
through the heart of you. So don't try to hide, you might
as well let the wise be wise. I believe in miracles where
the darkness goes. You got your heart in a bind. You let
your mind take away the best of you. But you're not
going to leave this time, searching for the fire in your
eyes. I believe in miracles where the darkness goes.


Written By: Awna Teixeira

Thunderbird cast a shadow on the ground , fly around
Pale moon, fire eyes in your golden dream

The sun falls and paints a rose
the colour of the sky that glows
She's is full of all them golden country colours

Thunderbird bend and fold
grey stone under the earth
wild girl set a herring to catch a whale

Thunderbird Move the lines
hold your bones close your eyes
You will see that nobody knows better than you

A Sailor's Dream

Written By: Awna Teixeira

A sailor’s dream

It’s been too long girl
The carousal takes another turn
And the music plays so loud
the mares’ go up and down

My heart goes spinning round
You look so good in your summer dress
You look so good
I can’t wait to hold you now

In the weight of the bow
All the sails are out
The wind carries us all around
Till night falls till night falls

All the grain cars are sleeping
And they’re quietly dreaming
Of all the ties and cold steel rails
Of a life with out fail
They fly around the junk yard

In the dead of the night
with my arms open wide
I can see so clearly now
under the moonlight
under the moonlight


Thunderbird EP 2013
Where The Darkness Goes 2012
Po'Girl - Follow Your Bliss 2010
Po'Girl - LIVE 2009
Po'Girl - Deer In The NIght 2008
Po'Girl - Home To You 2007
Sofia - No Shame 2006
Salt EP - 2006
Barley Wik- Dusty Lullaby - 2004
Barley Wik - Triangle Mountain - 2003
Rae Spoon - Throw Some Dirt on Me - 2003
The Red Eyed Rounders - Milk River Breakdown - 2002
The Derby - Cyborg Love Songs - 2001