A Wretched Creation

A Wretched Creation

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A Wretched Creation - Just straight up fun lovin dudes playin metal and going crazy on stage. Wether hanging upside down from poles in the ceiling (sweet warehouse show!) or stage diving the energy is intense. We love playin shows and will play wherever whenver. And have 150 shows under our belt


Started in 2004 a bunch of teenager losers decided not to be losers anymore and got together a band. Now with touring to diffrent states endless amounts of shows and way to many eps under the belt. We have loved being a indepent band that releases our own cd's does our own booking and finding places to crash.

We pride on our live show which has a great light show and our energy. We have a sound that is diffrent in coming tons of diffrent influences in metal and music in general.


Way to many EPs. Even the song on our profile is recorded a long time ago. New stuff up in April!!!!!!!!

Set List

NO COVERS!!!! All Original