Hitting Vancouver’s Alternative Hard Rock scene with anthems like,“What I’ve Become”... AXIOM turns crowds inside out and leaves them fueled with adrenalin! Contact; Bruce Windsor 604-202-4323 Cole Pritchard 604-299-3551


In December 2006, a band was formed and a unique sound was born, they are called Axiom.

Their jam sessions bring them together from all over greater Vancouver where they master compositions molded from their own musical guidelines. Their sound, which has been likened to such musical talents as Tool, Godsmack, System of a Down, and Alice in Chains, combines hard hitting lyrics with dramatic structural changes.

Having two lead/rhythm guitarists brings a more complimentary dynamic to every song. One lead/rhythm guitarist, Jeff McGiverin, grew up during the music phases of the '70s and '80s; therefore, he was influenced by quite a range of musical artists, everything from the sizzling southern fried Texas blues guitar of Stevie Ray Vaughan to ZZ Top to many classic rock artists. The other lead/rhythm guitarist, Chris Panton, took guitar lessons at the age of eleven after a keen interest that started several years earlier. However, his lessons only lasted a couple of years when he realized that he had an ear for music. Chris has an eclectic taste in music from jazz, blues, classical to rock and heavy metal. He credits his guitar heroes as Page, Hendrix, Steve Howe, Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde, and Slash.

The recent addition of Scott Hagon, completes the guitarists as the bassist. Scott has played a variety of instruments since taking up the drums and guitar in his late teens although he now finds the bass as his main instrument of choice. His influences range from The Beatles to Pantera.

Leading the underlying rhythm faithfully on sticks and kicks is Bruce Windsor. Growing up with a jazz singer father, he was highly influenced by music and knew early on that playing music would be his goal. He was inspired by bands such as Metallica, Judas Priest and Black Sabbath which lead to his passion for the drums. Bruce also lends vocal harmony to the powerhouse vocals of the lead singer, Cole Pritchard. Cole has always had a passion for singing since he was able to talk. His natural ability to write poetry has easily transitioned into lyrical compositions. Each song is carefully crafted and sung with an intensity fit for its powerful message. His inspiration comes from many sources including a long list of talented artists such as Chris Cornell, Maynard James Keenan, Eddie Vedder, and Gordon Downie.

Being self-taught musicians, the five uniquely talented members of Axiom have come a long way. Since their first show together at Volume 11 in Surrey to their latest show at The Bourbon, they have received resounding positive responses. From their growing support it is evident that the sound of Axiom is making fans out of rock lovers of all ages.


What I've Become

Written By: Bruce Windsor, Cole Pritchard

I awake, and I'm nervous
I point no blame, I deserve this
I chose my direction and cast away
my world is collapsing
I don't want to stay

Losing hold on myself
what I've become
lost control of myself
what I've become

It's time I end these days
of self deception
stop playing games
change my perception
This hateful void inside me
where I escape to takes me away
I can forget you

Losing hold on myself
what I've become
lost control of myself
what I've become
why are these demons in my dreams

So...Welcome to the recess of my mind
It's a hatefull hollow place you'll find
where death and darkness rule the day
where all is broken and all decay
well I've done alot of wrong things
and I'm sorry for every one
don't be afraid, I know I'll pay
God'll get me when I'm done

Losing hold on myself
what I've become
Lost control of myself
what I've become
I'm losing hope for myself
what I've become
burn down this world inside of me

I can see clearly
stare at the sun I see
I can see clearly
so far now


Written By: Axiom

You think life should be easy
wasting all my time
I don't want to hear the bullshit you conjecture in your mind

Compelled by the greedy things
fast cars and fancy rings
measured by what's in your pocket
I think that there's more to be
you don't agree with me
you push your opinion on us
beat them to prove your tough
somehow it's not enough
when you behave worse than children
Show it for all to see
living a fantasy
Your so much better
So What

I can't seem to edify my dreams
sanctify reality
Edify or get out

Too much of quantity's life without quality
futures are sold in an auction
No one believes in me blaming society
it's all out of our power
poisoning from the sky
worlds a carcass we're flies
laying all of our maggots
gorging devouring untill we're left with nothing
So what

I cant seem to edify my dreams
sanctify reality
Edify or get out

Narcistic little bastard
society didn't do this to you
I'ts never you'r fault when you steal from your mother
no sanctuary here for you
You think life should be easy
wasting all my time
I don't want to hear the bullshit you conjecture in your mind

Get out

Too Late

Written By: Axiom

Cannot seem to breathe
with what I have been through
Broken so many ways
what I love I lose
I'd like to get it back
thats just something I can't do
'cause i'ts too late
for yesterday

Can't find a place to hide
don't want these memories
I just cannot decide
how I should become me
No more of these lies
you know I only want the truth
but it's too late
for yesterday

Not good enough to appreciate
what you think you tried to do
I couldn't wait to run away and get away from you
You never wanted me anyway
so you messed with my mind
I'll never regret the day I left
and left you far behind

Suffocating me wasn't enough for you
you broke me so many ways
I always seem to lose
I'd like to get you back
Thats just something I won't do
'cause i'ts too late
for yesterday


"Because of You", "What I've Become", "My Nemisis", "Edify", "Too Late", "I Don't Wanna Die", "Saline" and "Situation Change" have all been recorded. We have twelve solid, hard rock original songs in our set. We have Six of our eight radio quality recorded songs available on our website. We won track of the day on in December 2007 with our song "Edify". The debate continues as to which of our twelve songs is better...

Set List

So far, we have one, fifty five minute set :

Dirty Water
Because of You
Push Me Forward
Too Late
What I've Become
My Nemisis
I Don't Wanna Die
Situation Change