Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Axis exemplifies a high standard of creative excellence in regard to composition, recording, and performance; Axis takes great pride in the Music and Art. Currently Axis is mixing and mastering the upcoming release "23 Degrees", and organizing Axis “23 Degrees” support tour. Axis has arrived.


Axis / Tulsa, Ok.
Axis crafts cathartic, eclectic, electronic rock emoting and describing sullen, angst, anarchy.
Axis is Steven Blackwell and Vixx.
Axis is facilitated visually by Stan Greve.
Axis album "23 Degrees" to be released early 2010, tour dates to be announced

Undergoing several front line changes; many musicians contributed to the previous Axis album entitled "Death and Rebirth". Those musicians include Trent "Fiuker" Tomlinson and John Buchamp of Decibel and Musim, and James Huff of The Decomposed. Axis has toured regionally and performed alongside the most prestigious of the Electronic, Industrial, Goth genres. "These guys got it."-Slick Idiot/KMFDM



Written By: Axis

I'm dreaming of a sleep that doesn't come.
I'm bleeding from wounds i've had so long.
I'm seeing things i wish i'd never see.
I'm leaving. From a place i don't belong.


Written By: Axis

They say that you're bitter.
I think you're just jealous.


Death and Rebirth released 2008 independently. 9 tracks uploaded to myspace including Trash, Jealous, Teething, Tomorrow, AO, Element, Absent, Skin, Identity ft. Chelsea Walston, and Death of Silence

Set List

Teething, Tomorrow, Skin, Waking Up, Identity, Havoc/Phoenix, Bound, Jealous, The End