Axl Smith

Axl Smith

 Helsinki, Central Finland, FIN
BandHip HopFunk

"Sounds like Michael Jackson and Prince would've met in the hip-hop world".. (ALLHIPHOP)


Axl Smith is a born-global entertainer with a versatile backround in music, television, dance and general gentlemanship. His career has developed from getting picked by MTV straight from high school and eventually becoming the youngest ever ’Head of Music Programming” in the network's history to hosting some of the biggest TV - shows in MTV Europe and opening up the stage for acts like Whitney Houston, NaS, Raphael Saadiq and 50 Cent on their arena shows in Scandinavia.

As a TV personality, DJ, musician, vocalist and a all around well groomed man, Axl Smith comes alive on stage with his natural good mood combined with the charisma of five Sinatras. No matter where you're thinking of putting him on, he'll be sure to handle it.

Axl's debut album ”People Come First” (2010) showcased a gospel and funk influenced hip-hop junction. The critically acclaimed debut introduced an artist capable of complex songwriting and unique taste. This all naturally blends in with the fact that he is generally a nice and positive guy. His comeback to the music scene presents a whole new Axl Smith with a fresh touch of Nu-Disco, electro and strong 80's vibes mixed together with modern urban dance music. The anticipated follow-up EP ”80’s Babies” will be released early Spring 2013.

Coming from a culturally and geopraphically diverse backround, one of Axl's interests lies in voluntary work abroad and helping out those who are in need. His energetic and positive figure led him to be selected as Unicef's Goodwill Ambassador in 2006. This post has maintained as one Axl's priorities and has enabled him to travel to a variety of places we tend to forget. During these trips Axl has been observing and living life to the fullest and like a true gonzo-journalist, everything has been caught on camera.


2010 - People Come First
2013 - 80's Babies EP
with singles 'CANDY' & 'GIRL WE COOL'

Set List

Back To You
I'm Bad
Best Of Me
Hot Sauce
Life Off The Wall
Where Do We Go From Here
Girl We Cool