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Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF

Portland, Oregon, United States | SELF
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"Sons of Northwestern Darkness: Portland’s Axxicorn"

We’ve been pretty fortunate in the quality of artists that contact us. Without being hyperbolic, probably about 90% are awesome up-and-coming bands. In this case, there is an obvious St. Vitus or Black Sabbath (a la Sabbath Bloody Sabbath) comparison to be made but, more importantly, for those of you looking for a proggy-stoner vibe without the alterna-dance beats of Baroness‘s Blue Album, Axxicorn‘s debut is definitely for you. It’s a little rougher around the edges and features less clean guitar intricacies, focusing more on a soulful vocal delivery and the fuzzy interplay of bass and guitar. At first listen it seems to employ a surprisingly Southern twang to a band that makes their home just down the road in Portland, OR, USA.

The vocals are satisfyingly gruff and the riffs are delivered well; the proggy elements manifest themselves in some good rhythm change-ups and staccato picking; and lyrically these guys seem to be pretty pre-occupied with Greek mythology. Songs like “Poseidon”, “Theseus and the Minotaur” and “Typheous” are testament to such. Still, the most important thing here is that the band is not only committed to bring the sound and spirit of 70s metal to life with such divine inspirations, but that they do so, and I quote, “without a single trace of irony”. This brings much pleasure to the kingdom of ShredderNet. As I’ve said, anybody listening to metal with me ironically will be chained to a rock and left for vultures to eat out their liver…or maybe just receive a couple of sack taps. Sound wise, the production on the album lacks a little bit, and doesn’t do full justice to the riffing. Namely, the guitar and bass tones fall a little flat but such is often the case with self-releases. This isn’t really noticeable on the more gigantic riffs, for example on “Theseus and the Minotaur”, but becomes for apparent during verses and bridges. This is also probably be a matter of taste since the slightly lo-fi instrumental treatment combined with the awesome vocals does create a distinct appeal. In any case, the bass is loud in the mix which is essential for anything stoner, prog or retro. Essentially what we have is a debut that puts a modern spin on 70's metal, one that doesn’t self-loathingly avoid the metal label, and does so with an ardent vocal delivery and loud, fuzzy riffing. Makes sure to catch these guys as they continue to plays gigs throughout the Northwest. These tracks are undoubtedly much more Olympic in stature when experienced in a live setting.

7.5/10 -

"Zac's "Double Dose" - Axxicorn / Christian Mistress"

Axxicorn: War of the Giants

Remember the old saying, "Mess with the bull and you'll get their horns."? Well, replace the bull with a unicorn. A unicorn that got picked on, pissed off, and traded his elegant spiral horn for a battle axe. He then rode, blood-thristy for revenge. Defeating Pegasus and all other mythological Greek gods and creatures, and he now reigns supreme. That's what an Axxicorn is and the following is the righteous noise it makes.

Axxicorn is a three piece proto-metal band from the bountiful metal scene of Portland, Oregon. Melding a raw stoner sound with progressive movements and adding strict Greek mythology as their theme, Axxicorn have formulated a sound all of their own. The unvarnished production truly intensifies Axxicorn's odyssey, observable on my favorite track 'Theseus and the Minotaur'. Check it out below and if you dig, head over to bandcamp, and give the rest of the album a listen (Axxicorn is offering a 'name your price' tag on this one, but I'm definitely going for the killer T-shirt deal). -

"Album Review, Axxicorn 'War with the Giants'"

Axxicorn are a self described Proto-metal band based in Portland, Oregon, and sure enough the first thing that comes to mind when 'War of the Giants' kicks in is Sabbath's Vol.4. The snappy, understated riffs have Iommi's mark on them. Nearly four and a half minutes go by in a flash and we sail headlong into 'Poseidon'. The smokey vocals and sludgy verse riffing lend the track a certain High on Fire feel.

Continuing the Greek theme with 'Prometheus'. Back to the Sabbath inspired work but with a slightly more modern approach, think Sleep's 'Holy Mountain' rather than Sabbath themselves. The long and winding instrumental choruses give the drummer room to display his flare. Next up, 'Revolt of the Titans/Wasteland' begins with a nod to 'Snowblind' and continues into pure, distilled stoner metal. Just short of three minutes, it all breaks down into an OM-like mid-tempo, distorted bass groove and a dissonant guitar solo follows closely behind. So far this is the best result of the rough production of this record.

'Typheous' opens with utterly bleak sounds of Western movie dialogue, mouth organ sirens and clean lead guitar. This is soon over taken by a snappy, immediate beat and bass to match. Almost as soon as the guitar returns with distortion in tow, we're back in familiar territory but with a new feel to the movement of the music, not a million miles from an early anarcho-punk sound. 'Theseus and the Minotaur' is a broken and heavy dream of The Obsessed at their best, and features some of the best riffing on the record: it picks you up and doesn't let you down until the very end. Finally we finish up this rough ride appropriately with 'Hades'. All the stops are pulls on the punk rock for this one, like an Amebix house party in the mid-eighties. The minimum vocals contain the some of the hardest belted out shouts we've heard from Axxicorn yet.

Axxicorn's 'War with the Giants' is the epitome of a no nonsense album. Brutally lacking in any bells and whistles and to great affect. The unique, rigid guitar tone invokes a more punk than stoner vibe but in doing so makes for a more unique recording overall. There's some very interesting filthy heavy shit coming out of the West side of the States right now and I'm betting Axxicorn will fit in nicely.

Axxicorn, “War of the Giants”
Rating: 7/10
For fans of: Melvins, High on Fire, Sleep.
Standout Tracks: Prometheus, Revolt of the Titans, Theseus and the Minotaur.
Listen here: -

"Review – Axxicorn – War of the Giants"

Christmas is almost here if you go by the calendar but in my eyes, it has arrived early in the for of War of the Giants by Axxicorn. Axxicorn is a stoner metal band from Portland Oregon. The band is heavily influenced by proto-metal and the Chicago math-rock scene. Mike McDonnell is on drums, Kerr Mahnke plays bass and sings and Jeremy Hansen is the guitar player. Axxicorn popped up on the radar recently and has had many go rounds through these speakers. All for one reason too. It kicks ass!

War of the Giants revolves around one central theme and that is of Greek Mythology. Each song is named after a Greek God with the exception of the 4th track which is titled “Revolt of the Titans/Wasteland.” The album is huge, it’s heavy and crushing. It’s probably the best mix of stoner and progressive metal that I’ve ever heard. The album is great sounding. It’s not impaired by any studio overdubs or other garbage. That album is about as natural sounding as an album can get and it sounds great. The guitar riffs are plenty. They’re crushing and technical. The vocals are slightly on the gruffy side but barely. It fits the mood of the album perfectly. The sound is gigantic and certainly not for the faint of heart.

I have found myself yet another go to record. War of the Giants is a massive album that is great to listen to for any occasion, even Christmas. Hide your grandma though, her fragile condition may not be able to handle how massive this album is. The Bandcamp download is available now and the physical CDs will be available in a few short weeks. It would make the perfect Christmas gift. -


Axxicorn play an upbeat tempo blast of Stoner Metal to superb effect. Their new album “War Of The Giants” is a superb album that is full of top notch Stoner-Metal riffs.

The album is a 7 song 35 minute blast of fast and furious old-school Stoner Metal riffs that will have you begging for more in no time.

Taking influence from a whole range bands such as Clutch, Sleep, Kyuss and Monster Magnet. Axxicorn throw in a great punk vibe to proceedings as well.

This band feels like they have seen it all. Like a bandof grizzled veterans getting ready for battle. They know what to do. It aint pretty but these guys are going to make sure they rock the fuck out. And they do. Big time.

These guys play like they have been around for years. Their music is simply sublime. Full of heavy pounding riffs with a great rhythm section driving things along. Especially on the title track, Poseidon and Prometheus.

These tracks that get the album off to a superb high voltage start. The music doesn’t disappoint in any way shape or form. These guys mean business in just rocking out from start to finish.

If you’re a fan of the bands mentioned earlier then you will find much to enjoy here. You can even here hints of Mastodon here and there. These guys still manage to create their own sound amongst the heavy pounding riffs on show.

The album does have a great DIY edge to it which makes it less polished than other genre releases. But this works in the band’s favour as you can hear every note played to hard hitting perfection compared to a more professionally produced release. This is real Stoner Metal played the way it was supposed to be. Fast, Loud, Heavy and Raw.

The DIY feel of it is what give this album it’s brilliant edge to stand out from the crowd.

Axxicorn have created a great album to listen to time and time again.

All in all a superb blast of Old-School Stoner Metal riffs with a great Punk edge to them.

You can buy this great release from BandCamp now. This is one release that is definitely recommended.


War of the Giants 2012



You may be wondering what an axxicorn is, but don't worry about that yet. All you need to know is the band Axxicorn is a crossbreed of love for classic metal and a penchant for Greek mythology. With songs like "Poseidon" and "Theseus and the Minotaur," this trio of metalheads has been laying waste to Portland audiences in recent months, bringing Sabbath-style metal back to life without a single trace of irony. Guitarist Jeremy Hanson lays out riffs that make heads bang, relentlessly shredding and thick with doom, while bass player Kerr Mahnke thumbs out lines as heavy as Zeus slinging lightning bolts from Mount Olympus, and Mike McDonnell's drumming is like the chaos that existed before the Gods intervened. Altogether they create a cathartic noise much needed in these times, and currently in the process of being captured on tape for their first album. MARANDA BISH