Ayanna Jacobs-EL

Ayanna Jacobs-EL

 Birmingham, Alabama, USA

I compose a new style of music with interesting rhythms and beats using lyrics that convey a positive message. My instrumentation is comprised of vocals with saxophone and keyboard.


Ayanna Jacobs-EL was born in Huntsville, Alabama in January of 1996. She is a vocalist, alto saxophonist, and pianist.

She began her musical journey at the age of five when she began playing the piano. She'’s always loved to sing, but realized that she had vocal talent at the age of nine. At eleven years of age, she made her first vocal performance at her school's talent show. In the following years, she’'s had numerous opportunities to perform and has developed a true love for it. In addition to singing and playing the piano, Ayanna began playing the alto saxophone in middle school and played with her school band. She'’s gained experience in stage performance and jazz vocals while performing with her Grandpa Benny’s Jazz trio at jam sessions in Huntsville-area clubs and as a member of the Neo Jazz Collective at music festivals and other venues around Alabama.

Ayanna continues to gain skill and confidence as a musician and especially loves spending summers honing those skills and gaining experience by attending music workshops and master classes. She is currently a student in the Music Department at the Alabama School of Fine Arts in Birmingham, Alabama.

Upon graduation, she aspires to attend The Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Ayanna plans to study Music Therapy and also become a professional musician.

When she's not on stage, studying, or practicing, Ayanna loves reading, traveling to exotic locations, and hanging out with her friends and family. But through it all you'll likely hear music playing in the background, as music is the soundtrack of her life. Her goal is to impact lives by using her music to help people overcome obstacles. Ayanna is currently working on her first album and hopes to, one day; tour the world spreading a positive message.