Aya Sofia

Aya Sofia


Aya Sofia is about five friends that enjoy writing rock music. What do we sound like? Try listening to one of our MP3's.


Aya Sofia has been playing together under various configurations since early 2003. The band takes its name from the famous mosque in Istanbul, Turkey.

Since our inception we've made a name for ourselves in Chicago through our creative songwriting, energy, and unique sound. One of the greatest compliments we've received from our fans is that our music is fresh and difficult to categorize or compare to other artists.

During the past year, we've played at a number of the top venues in Chicago, including the Double Door and the Elbo Room. In May, 2004 we performed at the MECA Music Conference, where we released our self-financed, first, four-song EP. We followed up that show by playing at the Chicago MOBFest in June. In November of 2005 we finished our first full album called "Mania" at RaxTrax Studio in Chicago, IL.

In terms of songwriting, different artists and genres of music have naturally influenced each member of the band. Some of the biggest influences include Coldplay, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Radiohead, R.E.M., Stevie Ray Vaughn, and U2.


Inch Allah

Written By: Aya Sofia

i've been in this place before
their houses surround me
and all those I adore
are left behind me

my hands are on the steel
my boots are in the dirt
the sensation is so surreal
i'm looking for someone to hurt

i'm going to pitch you down
'cause I don't want to drown
you might keep your crown
but give me back my town

the child doesn't understand
"why are the fighting?
where did baba go?
and why's mama crying?"

my son's eyes are so clear
and so innocent
make me clench my fists at god
for his hatefulness

as my children are forced off the bus at another barricade,
how could he be anything but a renegade?


We released a 4 song EP in May 2004. Songs on the EP include Merry-Go-Round, Into the Swell, Moneymaker, and Terabithia.

In November of 2005 we finished our first full album called "Mania" at RaxTrax Studio in Chicago, IL. The album contains 11 songs we wrote over the course of the last year and a half.

Set List

We most often play 45-minute sets. We have enough material, however, to play for over 90 minutes and have done so several times. Below are listed our original songs along with some of the songs that we have covered in the past:

If I Chose
Inch Allah
Into the Swell
Know by the World
This Morning

Crossroads / Eric Clapton
Hit Me Baby One More Time / Britney Spears
Patience / Guns N' Roses
Santeria / Sublime
The Sultans of Swing / Dire Straits
What I Got / Sublime