BandHip Hop

"Lyrically I'm the voice of today's youth, with an understanding of yesterdays legends. I have a passion for the Hip Hop culture and this music that has greatly influenced my life. I see it as an art-form. I am a musician with the a love for the most powerful instrument God gave us. Our Voice."Aydee


Adrian Salas, born October 26, 1987, in Austin,Texas, the critically acclaimed "Live Music Captiol of the World".

Growing up in such a city with such a diverse culture of ethnic group brings alot of diversity as far who you are to become.

Aydee grew up minutes from downtown Austin where the main center for music is. "You could walk from one restaurant to the shop across the street and would two totally different types of genres of music playing, yet all people there were the same. In a sense as, we all had a great appreciation for Good music." says Aydee.

Started at a young recorded a demo with junior high classmates then soon found himself standing next to Kanye West at the 2009 SXSW music festival held in Austin,Tx every year.
"Theres always an opportunity out there, sometimes its all luck, just a matter of you being at the right place at the right time." says Aydee the Emcee.


First solo album "Basslines Headlines & Deadlines" released April 2009.

"How Starz Are Born" Summer 2006

"Cut From A New Cloth" MIXTAPE ft "Real Talk"

SINGLE "Hip Hop Radio" ft Shooting Starz

Set List

Usually 10-15 Min.
Covers about 6 songs, from my lyrical relaxing music to my more upbeat "crowd-hyped" music.