Spacey yet tight, soft and then loud, shoegaze-ish with a bit of punk, prog and jazz, done with guitar, drums, and accordion (amped and producing healthy feedback).


Aydin is a rare group in that we meld classic shoegaze influences with elements such as psych, punk, jazz and even prog to take the sound further, rather than merely rehashing it. We have strong-yet-wavering, clear-then-crunchy guitar, but we also have inventive, nimble drumming, and accordion - yes, accordion - producing sounds ranging from light harmony to feedback-heavy, squalling drone. Together we make some poppish radio-friendly tunes, some odd-metered, introspective melodies, and some noisy improv jams, sometimes together in one song. It’s a sound that is familiar on the surface but more unusual and engaging the further one sinks in.

We are a band formed from lucky coincidences: Shannon and Mark both come from Toledo, Ohio, and were drawn to many of the same seminal shows in Detroit such as My Bloody Valentine and Swervedriver while there, but didn’t meet until moving to Pittsburgh. Once there they started a recording project based on their shared influences, unhindered by the fact that Mark’s instrument of choice was the accordion, not a typical vehicle of space rock expression. Karen was about to quit her job managing a Pittsburgh bike shop when Shannon was hired there, and was about to sell her unused drum set until his passionate talk of music creation convinced her to join him and Mark in their fledgling pursuit.

Aydin has been shaped by genre-crossing pairings within the ever-blossoming Pittsburgh punk scene. The Mr. Roboto Project, Pittsburgh’s cooperatively-run home to the punk community, hosted many of our early shows; in 2004 we were part of the annual ADD Fest Roboto Birthday Show, and in 2005 Aydin contributed a song for The Long Run of Small Steps comp put out by Roboto related label Hardtravelin’. These collaborations have provided invaluable examples of the DIY ethos at work.

Of course we have roots as well in space rock and shoegaze; we’ve played with national acts such as Windy and Carl, SubArachnoid Space, Kinski, Bardo Pond, and Victory at Sea, and we’ve hosted Dayton classic shoegazers Lab Partners and Detroit heavy droners Paik at Pittsburgh shows.

We’ve also dealt with our fair share of adversity: Shannon was hit by a car while commuting by bike in early 2004, broke his wrist (among other injuries) and had to take several months to heal and relearn to play, all while in the midst of recording our first CD. Karen injured her leg in a mountain bike crash in the fall of 2005, three weeks before the release show for the same CD, and had to learn the songs with her left foot handling both bass drum and hi-hat.

Now we’re all healed up and armed with a recording that we think captures the intensity and beauty of our sound. The CD, Space Affects the Spectator, received good reviews from the local weekly Pittsburgh City Paper and from the daily Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. It’s getting airplay on local college stations, Live365, and major market stations. We aim to venture out to other cities and win over new fans as fervent as the ones we have here.


2006 - Hardtravelin' 2006: The Year in (Missing) Seven Inches
This is a CD compilation of a 7" worth of material from each of three bands: Aydin, Flotilla Way and Fuckedupmess.

2005 LP - Space Affects the Spectator
In rotation: WPTS, WRCT, WYEP, Pittsburgh Net Radio (KPNR)
Currently "Airbomb" is #2 in KPNR's Local Top Ten
Featured on local shows: WXDX, WYEP
Streaming on: MySpace, LastFM, Loveless Music Group

Song "Power Lines" on Long Run of Small Steps tape compilation by Hardtravelin' Records, 2005

Set List

Our set lists change with the show, ranging from short and fast to longer and more experimental. No covers.

Most often played songs from Space Affects the Spectator:
What Else Is Left
Half-Gramme Holiday/Screenful
Strange Attractor