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AYE - Atmoscene 2007



Our story starts in Miami with three best friends forming a band called Audible, 6 years ago. like many unexperienced kids we start off playing punk rock which was great at the time. with local success and tours we took our music as far as it can go. then came the realization that the music we were playing was bullshit. with exposer to mind altering drugs there was an attraction to older and better music. this music was changing our lives. after Dylan we werent the same. after Bowie, The Beatles, and The Who, how could we go back to playing shallow music? we couldnt and had to make a change to grow. with two of us expanding musically there was one clearly not, we had to cut out this cancerous tumor.

The next three years we like to call our musical college. the remaining two members moved into a small house giving complete seclusion from the outside world. in this time we devoured music. from Howlin Wolf to Fugazi and CAN to The Butthole Surfers we didnt just listen to one generation or one genre, we explored the whole evolution of music.

Many members came and went but finding the right replacement was hard and annoying to deal with. frustrated with guys letting him down Leonard trained his girlfriend Ileana to play bass finalizing our line-up.

As of now we recorded and released our first album, ATMOSCENE. it was recorded live to analog tape like our heros.

Leonard and Jamen have decided to moved to New York City to play anywhere and everywhere they could. With two acoustic guitars and a van they will make their way up the east coast to unknown pleasures and troubles.

for more info please stop by our myspace www.myspace.com/ayerocknroll thank you for your time.