Sounds that invade your mind and crawl through your body lightly scratching at emotional cords. This music evokes images from horror movies of the late seventies. Dark, moody and beautiful.


I was born in the harsh cold climate of Winnipeg, Mb., creeping around dark basements playing music to get the juices warmed and circulated.
I crawled through the freezing white trading in snowshoes for rubber boots to arrive on the glistening streets of Vancouver, B.C., the sounds now flowing through my veins and dripping out the corners of my mouth.
The music has become a living, breathing thing with a strange urge to expand the mind with an array of mesmerizing color.

I now squint confused with joy and sadness.

Music is an addiction.
I play it whenever possible.

Aylmer - the awe-inspiring famous one!


Aylmer (2007)
On Holiday E.P. (2005)
Drift (short film) - soundtrack (2005)
Over-Exposed Vacation Slides (2003)

Set List

Mostly improvised.
No set list.
40 min. to 60 min.