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AYO-My Life is my Music, my World tuns to i'ts own Beat my body moves to it's own Drum and the Song I Sing is my Exsistance.


The word AYO is of Yourba Orgin it means JOY. Not only is this my name it discribes me as an artist, a bunddle of joy. The smoth soulfulness of my voice unwraps my R&B style then suprises you with my classical skill. I enjoy artist LIke Jill Scott and Flotery, but I was raised on Ella Fitzgerld and Sarah Vaughn, now I'm Singing Motzart. I Started singing at a young age afraid of my own talent, but once I gained confidence in myself and my talent I began to take control of the power in my big voice. I began singing in school talent shows and pagents which led to vocal traing at the Community College of Philadelphia in P.A. where I'm currently earning an A.A degree in Vocal Preformance. I've sang at many venues like Beach and Tennis resort in Hilton Head South Carolina and The Academy Of Music In Philadelphia P.A. I also sing at social clubs in the Philadelphia area. When ever Where ever I'm able to sing I sing


Deep River
Lasciatemi morire!

Set List

I like to stay as versitile as possible Classical tunes like the spirtual Deep River or Lasciatemi morire! by Claudio Monteverdi shows my classical training. I also sing jazz, Roberta Flack Killing Me Softlty and Autum Leaves. As well as writting for my self, Im Currently in the Process of recording my own material they are If You Don't Know and
Loved um2 much.