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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"QF Featured Artists"

QF: So you're Ayo K, what made you decide to use this alias?
AYO K: I've always been known as 'Kensei' but too many people mispronounced it. I shortened it to 'K' and added 'Ayo' to make sound like a greeting. Ayo K.

QF: You are quite the lyricist, how long have you been rapping and how much do you have to do with the actual music you rap on?
AYO K: I've been rapping seriously for 12 years. Typically I produce my own music, but recently I have been linking with other musicians to expand the nature of the sound.

QF: Thats pretty cool, do you prefer to work with other people or do you find it easier to do everything yourself?
AYO K: (laughs) In art, I've realized, easy isn't always best. If I'm alone and I come up with an idea, I don't have to call someone to make it a reality. On the other hand I might have a person in mind that an idea is great for. Music is one of those things that get better the more people that are involved like orchestras and choirs.

QF: When did you know this is what you wanted to do with your life?
AYO K: Yesterday (laughs) I dont know, I don't remember choosing music. I've always been into it since childhood.

QF: Do you play any instruments?
AYO K: Trumpet and piano.

QF: Your last album had a bit of an R&B vibe mixed with dirty south rap and hip hop. Any idea what the next one will sound like?
AYO K: At this point it's uncertain. However, it does sound completely different from the first album. I suppose it could still be considered pop from the standards set by the previous release, but I'm going to attempt to get away with a lot more lyricism. I have a mixtape coming out soon for the hip hop heads that want that raw sound. I wear many hats. (laughs)

QF: What sets you apart from all these other rappers?
AYO K: My glasses are real. (laughs) Other than that I'd say that my approach is unorthodox. I like to believe that nothing sets me apart from other rappers. We like to tell our stories in rhythm over beats. I think we all feel the same when we like what we here on playback. My listeners say I'm different so I don't argue with them.

QF: Any shout out's you want to give?
AYO K: I'd like to give a shout out to my mother, because without her patience, I wouldn't have any of my own.

QF: Finally what are your thoughts about Question Further?
AYO K: The art and designs that I've seen so far blow my mind in terms of concept and detail. I prefer to support growing independent fashion and what they do is entirely outside of the box. I look forward to each quirky, original and at times trippy visuals. Question Further's style, I feel, genuinely reflects the fun spirit of artistic creation itself. Freely expressed. My music relates.

- Question Further


Arrows 2011



Various music greats from all over the country and abroad have
inspired Ayo K to become the artist that he is today. The sound and
stylings of artists such as Rakim, Stevie Wonder, Frank Zappa, DJ
Krush, Outkast, and Johnny Cash (just to name a few) have all greatly
contributed to his unique approach and helped define him as a
Born Alexander Nelson and raised in Augusta, Ga, Ayo's journey as an
artist began at the age of fifteen. He started participating in
freestyle rapping competitions amongst friends, schoolmates, as well
as other local artists. It wasn't long before his name became the local
buzz. Family, friends, and peers all encouraged him to pursue his
career in music. His dedication to his craft soon paid off, and
opened him up to other opportunities, not only as a performer, but also
in music production.
With his newfound interest in music production, Ayo K started making
his own beats and recording his own vocals. He researched the origins
of Hiphop samples and cultivated an appreciation for a multitude of
genres. With this motivation, in conjunction with his lyrics, he constructed masterpieces.
Jazz, R&B, funk, soul, dance, rock n roll, and even classical
music were implemented in his acquired samples to help evolve his
eclectic sound.
In 2001, Ayo K released his first album titled, "S.B.A. Project" under
the name 'Kensei'. The album was well received and helped him gain
more recognition in his hometown. In 2005, he opened for the band Gym
Class Heroes. The reception from his debut album and countless
performances to date with his DJ, Dr. Bread, has solidified Ayo's
place in Augusta's live music scene.
In 2011, Ayo K released his sophomore album, 'Arrows'. Arrows exhibits
the years of development through showcases in addition to his
repertoire. This album features singing, his versatility through
clever lyricism, unconventional wordplay, and several R&B melodies
from friend Gavin Hamilton, across 10 tracks. He is currently touring
throughout the southeast and expanding his fan base by making strides
in his new home of Atlanta, Ga.
"I believe this will expand my horizons. I want to experiment without
going off the deep end. My message is meant for a variety of people so
I want try new things without alienating myself and others"